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Apr 16, 2009 10:02 AM

Miami Trip Report

N.O. chowhounds hit Miami over Easter. In addition to the traditional stone crabs sitting outside at Monty's in Coconut Grove, and the new tradition of picking up superb stone crabs at Publix's for munching at the flat, the higlight of the trip was Indomania. Thanks to the recommednations on this board, we had a wonderful meal of divine peanut sauces, grilled shrimp, lamb stuffed filo, and spicy braised beef. Next time, we will skip lunch to have enough room for the rijsttafel.

Also high on our list was Sardinia -- probably the best mozzarella and tomato salad I have ever had, especially accompanied by the flat bread with goat cheese and honey. Other highlights include the oxtail stew and roasted lamb.

Lastly, thanks to this board for the Cuban recommendation -- Las Culebrinas (Coconut Grove). While the beautiful building felt like the artic, and the 80s pop station inspired some haunting memories, the tapas are not to be missed. We only had two -- calamari with spanish sausage (but it also had shrimp and scallops) and garbonzo beans with sausage and Spanish ham. The flavor was amazing, and went nicely with the sangria.

Thanks again for the help.

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  1. What are some good places for a high-school Spanish class field trip to Miami?
    I am a Spanish teacher and I live in South Florida, but I'm not from here. I would like to take my students on a field trip to Miami, but I'm not sure which places to take them that would make a good "cultural" experience. Any suggestions?

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      would this be a day trip on a weekday or weekend? This might help us hone our ideas a bit better. I would speak with the City of Coral Gables and perhaps tour some of the Old Spanish architectural highlights. Beyond that, food options are wide open. You could go Cuban, Spanish, Peruvian, Argentinian or other Hispanic cuisines well represented in the area. I imagine price would be an issue (a lot of dining is expensive in Miami) as well, so perhaps we can steer you better with some qualifiers.

      1. re: Sophie87

        For a fairly authentic "cultural" experience, I would recommend Versailles. The food is pretty good, but the atmosphere might be what you're looking for.

        1. re: Sophie87

          Casa Juancho might be a fun place to take your class. Too bad they won't be able to get the sangria!

          Here's the website: