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Apr 16, 2009 09:37 AM

8" or 9" Round Cake Pans

I'm about to purchase my first set of cake pans. Which size would you recommend for the novice baker who bakes a couple of times a year? I'm not a fan of nonstick cookware, so I'm thinking about getting the ones below.

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  1. Chicago Metallic stuff is fine.. I'd go with 9's - a bit more pizza if you use 'em for that. Just make sure they don't nest, but I think CM stuff is all straight sided. If you have some favorite recipes, though, see which pan they use for the quanity they are making.

    1. I own 2 - 9" cake pans now for 11 years and they have accommodated all of the recipes I made. I use then frequently. Recipes calling for 8" are usually focused on providing a smaller version of a cake; a personal size, so to speak. I bought my set from Safeway, they are non-stick, I think regal ware, and they have not scratched and have remained perfect since the day I bought them.

      1. Thanks so much for your input, grant and k56sf. Looks like 9" is the way to go. Also loved the idea about using the pans for pizzas. That never crossed my mind, so thanks for the great suggestion!

        1. Np... if you want to be a baker gear geek, pick up some pre-cut parchment rounds to fit into the pan, and some cake strips (wet 'em and pin them around the pan edge to keep the cooking even). Craft stores like AC Moore usually have a small baking section that carries 'em. And of course, a small offset spatula for icing.

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            Thanks, will definitely add those items to my shopping list!

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              You can also get reusable round silicone liners. I have the 8" and use them in pans up to 10". I store them in the pans so they don't take up more space.

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                I've never seen silicone cake liners before. Thanks for passing this along.