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Apr 16, 2009 09:34 AM

Diners/coffee shops in Bal Harbour?

Hi folks,

I've searched some and not found anything that appears to answer my question: do any of you have recommendations for a decent regular diner or coffee shop in Bal Harbour? My wife and I will be staying at the Regent (10295 Collins - just south of Haulover Park, judging from the Google map) next week, and I was wondering whether there's anyplace around worth walking to.

Thanks for any thoughts that you might have.

Erich from NM

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  1. Nothing jumps to mind. There's a Segafredo in the Bal Harbour Shops. I've not been, but you may want to check out The French Bakery on Kane Concourse. Maria Frumkin has a great reputation as a pastry chef.

    Bal Harbour is not exactly diner-land.

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      Thanks - the French Bakery was something I've been wondering about. Say, and many thanks for your great 'blog - I leaned heavily on you in making a list of possibles up the other day.

      1. re: Erich

        I think Carpaccio is amazing! If you are staying at the Regent then Carpaccios is worth trying for dinner. They have a big menu. The pasta fagioli soup is one of the best Ive had. The have nice salads, Pastas, Chicken , Steak, Sandwiches, etc... I would give it $$ or $$$ signs. It is not too expensive and the chef gets 2 thumbs up. I have am from Canada with a vacation home in Miami. Carpaccios is the first place I eat at when I come down. This restaurant is a great place even just to sit outside have a coffee and people watch.

    2. Lofty Latte on 41st Street is a coffee shop that is open late and is popular with the Jewish clientele that lives in the area. Good coffee. Has food too, but I've never eaten there.

      534 Arthur Godfrey Rd
      Miami Beach, FL 33140
      (305) 534-4432

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        41st Street is a long walk from Bal Harbour! But if you're going that way, there's also Arnie & Richie's (n/k/a Roasters & Toasters) for OK Jewish deli.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          Sorry. It just never occurred to me that Bal Harbour is pedestrian-friendly. I just assumed the poster also had a car.

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            OP did ask if there was anything "worth walking to" from the Regent. It is all pretty spread out there, but that would arguably include Bal Harbour Shops, Kane Concourse, and the few-block stretch of Harding Ave., all of which are probably within a mile or so. If driving is an option I'd also add Gourmet Diner on Biscayne Blvd. near 135th St.

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              for a simple breakfast sandwiches and pastries there is Santa Fe that is "argentinean" in their menu with miga sandwiches and other fare, however it is not made on the premise and is delivered every morning from local bakeries. They did expand their seating area so I can only assume they expanded their selections and could be offering more. There you can have a coffee with your pastry and grab a newspaper or magazine if you didn't get what you wanted at your hotel room door.

              They are upstairs on the second floor. And then you can go spend a fortune shopping!

              1. re: jmdhsmiami

                Thanks, you all. We're having a great time thus far. I was just wondering about the diner/coffee shop because, well, I like the "feel" of them and thought that strolling to one and having breakfast might be something nice to do with myself while my wife slept in/got ready. Anyhow, I'll be sure to check out Santa Fe (in NM, that's where my office is!) and Carpaccio at the BH mall, and we may hit 41st street sometime. (I'm wanting to do Talula for lunch tomorrow down SoBe way, and tonight something from Frodnesor's 'blog (depends on what grabs Gina) down around 69th to 73rd . . . meanwhile, we're enjoying the sea air. Thanks again to all. :-)

                1. re: Erich


                  Definitely stroll the area just to the south of 95 Street /Harding called "Surfside" where we like the grilled mahi sandwiches at Flannigan's (a sports bar), le Rotisserie, Greek Place and Ragazzi (Italian). There is a pricey spot called Pescecane that's Italian seafood too...

                  Tonight, check out Prima Pasta on 71 west of Harding. The guy at the next table who looks like Matt Damon is Matt Damon. Hit Buenos Aires pastries between 71/72 & Collins afterward for dessert.


                  1. re: advisor_Girl

                    Ragazzi In surfside has very good Italien food. I went there new years eve 2009. They had completely renovated and expanded the restaurant. It used to be quite small. The staff is very friedly and they have some very good wines on the menu. I reccomend the Pizza which is excellent thin crust and the tomatoe sauce is very good. Infact we kinda went family style from pizza, boccacini and tomatoe salad, with an order of their awsome meat balls. They have a very nice antipasto. If you like soup try the pasta fagioli. The veal chop was tender and delicious. Deff will go back i highly reccomend and the price was pretty good. $$-$$$