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Apr 16, 2009 09:31 AM

Feedback about Pranzi Catering (Providence / Newport)?

Hi all,

I'm planning a post-wedding brunch in Newport and have narrowed down my caterers to either Pranzi or Blackstone. I've heard great things about Blackstone, but very little about Pranzi, except for two rave reviews I found on an obscure website. I'm torn, because while Blackstone seems like a safe (and delicious) bet, they're more expensive and are offering fewer options for my money. Does anyone have any feedback about Pranzi they could share to help me decide? Thank you!

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  1. Blackstone is the biggest been there seen that .Also Resturant Bouchard is great in Newport

    Good luck

    1. I have used Pranzi catering in the past many times and found there food and service to be excellent. Lisa will make sure your needs are met I am sure. I have used her for parties and holidays.

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        I have stopped into their Providence location (Mt.Pleasant area) many times to pick up lunch and dinner for myself and others as well. Everything I have ever gotten there has been nothing less than excellent. Everything is truly 'homemade' and authentic Italian. The prices are very reasonable. You won't be disappointed.

        The only thing I would stay away from are the desserts. You can tell they are from BJs or Sam's Club...not home-made. Get your desserts elsewhere for your function (Pastiche is my choice).

      2. Stay with Blackstone the handle a lot of the Mansions Functions. There a class company.