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Apr 16, 2009 09:24 AM

Going to Louie's (Dallas) tonight for the first time...

I'm pretty excited. I hear the pizza is great; any other recommendations.

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  1. Don't be scared off by the patio furniture. The food is very good. We like the crab claws, the pizzas are excellent but don't get more than three toppings and be warned that the mushrooms are canned and best avoided - sauteed onions are divine, though! The salads are very good, particularly the Greek salad. Clams casino is good. Italian sausage is excellent. The rest of the menu is supposed to be good as well, but we rarely get past the pizza!

    Don't put too much stock in the horror stories of bad service. I think most of the problems arise from people forgetting that Louie's is, first and foremost, a bar with good food as opposed to a restaurant with a good bar.

    Service is good but not polished and they don't want to be your best friend. Generally, they will swing by and get your drink and then come by for a food order about the time you want a second round (it's a bar!) so if you are really hungry, let them know and you can probably place your order faster.

    Lastly, the only credit card they take is AMEX, they don't serve Coors, and there is no beer on tap.

    1. Well, like most people, you'll either love it or hate it.

      IMO the pizza is mediocre but I don't like cracker crust pizza but they do use Jimmy's sausage.

      I really, really enjoy all manner of beer joints and bars but I just don't get the appeal of Louie's. And from I understand, since being featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, it can be crowded.

      I don't understand the no draft beer and cash only.

      PLEASE report back on your experience.

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        Report: We arrived about 7 p.m. The bar area was packed so they sat us in this back room that has about sixh booths and a table in the middle. This room was pretty much empty so it was much quieter than the bar area. I don't think we got the entire "experience" being in this room rather than the bar. Food wise I thought it was really good. The couple we went with had a greek salad and a pepperoni pizza and we had a large sausage and pepperoni pizza. The large pizza I believe was $12 and $2 for each topping. So a large ran us $16. It was a decent size pizza; the crust was as described in other posts as almost cracker like. The sausage was really good (I understand it comes from Jimmy's). I have read posts about the rude wait staff; I didn't experience that at all. They were really nice, greeted us when we came in and took good care of us I believe. All in all I would definitely go back. The prices seemed a little high but tax is included on the menu prices so things that looked a $1 or $2 more than what I would expect was probably because of that. Cash and Amex only.

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          Glad to hear you had a good experience. I have a love/hate relationship with Louie's. I have been going there for years and years and have some great memories there. I trully love their pizza and I also love their caesar salad (most folks talks about their greek salad, but i am partial to their caesar) but I just can't understand their service. I am really glad you had a good experience there but I would say 5 of the last 8 times I have been there, something very wrong has happened from a service standpoint. I am not looking for bubbly service just remotely friendly would suffice. One example (definitely not the worst but the easiest to explain), the second to last time we went, we were with a group of 6 in the back corner booth. As we sat down, the waitress came over and asked us for our drink orders gave us menus. She came right back with our drinks and asked us for our food orders. We weren't quite ready because it had been maybe 90 seconds and there were 6 of us and we were going to split some salads and pizzas and had to decide on toppings and total amounts. She started picking up our menus and asking us what we wanted, we said we weren't quite ready and asked for a few moments and between 45 minutes and an hour later she came back to take our order. But it is Louies and you are already there and don't want to ask them to come over and take your order because they can be so mean. It has definitely gotten worse over the years and seems to be escalating in its meanness, but I think I must be a glutton for punishment or just really love the pizza because a keep going back albeit much less frequently in recent years.

      2. I think Louies has really digressed over the years. Sad to say, but I think it took a bad turn when they banned smoking. It's never been the same. It's seems much lighter inside, not nearly as dingy. And I don't smoke.

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          My husband always jokes about "Mother Miller and the new and improved, smoke-free Louie's". We don't smoke, either. Sometime I miss the grunge but the older I get, the less I miss it!