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Apr 16, 2009 09:23 AM

Good hot dogs

I'm looking for a good hot dog joint in DC or NOVA, besides Ben's Chili Bowl. Any suggestions?

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  1. Would a hot dog more on the gourmet end work? If so try the chicago style mini hot dogs at PS7.

    1. The Vienna Inn is on the low end of things but their chili dogs are excellent and they are also on the bar menu of the Del Merei Grill in Del Ray due to a family connection.

      1. Sigh...I feel for you, Swenson. This is another sad deficiency in the Greater Washington food scene. We have nothing even approaching the hot dog cultures of NYC, Chicago, Ohio, etc.

        Honestly...I can't think of a single place where you can compelling good, or unique hot dog.

        1. Are you object to grilling yourself? If not, head to Wegmans and buy Sahlen's brand. They are by and far the best dog on the market.

          1. It's not a hot dog joint per se, but I enjoy the hot dogs at Five Guys. They split them down the middle and put them on the grill. I add the grilled onions and mustard and I'm a happy camper.

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              I have to agree - I love the 5 Guys burger - but I always end up with th grilled dog - I like raw onions, mustard and jalepeno peppers and I am also a happy camper!