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Apr 16, 2009 09:03 AM

Anything new in Salt Lake City?

We were there two winters ago and tried many of the fine dining establishments. We enjoyed Cucina Toscana best of all. I was wondering if there are any new places worth a visit when we spend two nights there this June. We will be staying in town with a car, but would rather not travel too far. Would appreciate some input. Thanks.

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  1. Several new restaurants have entered the SLC scene.

    Two small plates/tapa restaurants, Eva and Meditrina, bear some similarities. Neither is superb, but both have their strong points. Eva's focus is on Mediterranean dishes. It's a small joint, but has a cool vibe and is open late daily. Eva is in the heart of downtown on Main Street. Meditrina is a bit more out of the way, near the Salt Lake Bees baseball stadium, but is also worth a try. I particularly liked their generously portioned antipasti plate and they had an interesting selection of low-priced wines by the glass.

    You might also revisit Bambara, which boasts a new chef de cuisine and new interior design.

    Also worth checking out will be Tony Caputo's new risotto restaurant, Tipico, which is just next door to Cucina Toscana. The chef is Adam Kriesel, who has had acclaim running the Globe Restaurant and ACME Burgers, among others. The restaurant hasn't yet opened, but should be underway by the time you arrive in Utah.

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      A big thumbs up for Eva from me too. Far cheaper than Meditrina and better food too in my opinion.

      J Wong's Asian Bistro is also garnering plenty of praise, although I have yet to try that personally.