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Apr 16, 2009 08:47 AM

Graduation dinner in May

Im graduating in May and I want to find a nice place to have dinner with about 15 people. My family is picky about food. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you're in northern Virginia, then any of the Great American Restaurant group would be a good choice (entrees range from $8 burgers-$30 big steak/rib roast).

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      Clydes (locations throughout dc area) or Houstons would fit the bill for reasonably priced American food for picky eaters. Also could go with Cafe DeLuxe.

    2. We did Tosca for my law school graduation. And we had some picky, traditional eaters and it turned out really well. I am not sure how much it cost, my Dad couldn't make the graduation so he picked up the tab. But it was lovely. And they have this part of the restaurant that is semi-private so you don't feel to shuttered off, but you have a little privacy.

      1. Clyde's is a good idea. Maybe the private room at Central? I'm not sure how many people fit or if it's an additional cost but I think it's a place where picky eaters can find something to eat (burgers, steaks, roasted chicken) and gourmet's will find something as well.

        Another option would be Bisro D'Oc. They have a nice private room upstairs. Same type of deal as Central---picky eaters can stick to the steak frites and roasted chicken. More adventourous eaters can get pate and other french specialities. Affordable and nice.

        My one recommendation would be to book ASAP! Reservations book up very quickly for graduation...especially at places like Clyde's where a lot of people might be trying to go.

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          Im going to look at some places today. I have put in some private room requests for the date to make sure its available. Thanks so much!!

          What is Central?

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            It's one of the top restaurants in town. French bistro by design but fun, playful takes on American cuisine by one of the top chefs in the country.


            If you do a search on the boards you will find lots and lots of comments about Central.

        2. What geographic area are you looking for?

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            Baltimore metro area/ DC as a last resort

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              your replies have been for DC places. Will have to get the Baltimore posters to chime in.