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Traveling to DC for Weekend with Fun Group! Any funky dinner recs for Friday Night? Georgetown?

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Been to Me and U, great place but looking for better menu.

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  1. I would recommend Bodega for Spanish tapas in Georgetown. The restaurant itself has good food, drinks, and a fun/funky atmosphere. I went with some girlfriends a few weeks ago without much planning and we all really enjoyed our dinner there.

    If everyone in your group likes seafood you can go to Hook, also on M St. A trendy restaurant with a sustainable seafood theme.

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      although both are in Penns Quarter, Zlatinyia (small plate middle east) and Jaleo (tapas) are both fun with a group. Plus the area is hopping with numerous bars and restaurants.

      1. re: dining with doc

        Agree about Mie n Yu.
        Neyla for tapas. Founding Farmers for comfort food w/ a trendy atmosphere
        (Although I will admit people seem to either love/hate it- I love it!)
        Proof & Zengo in Chinatown.
        Creme on U Street.

        1. re: chicken kabob

          loved the food at founding farmers, but atrocious service. once for drinks on a saturday mid-afternoon, another time on a friday night for dinner. horrible.

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          How far is Penn Quarter from Alexandria?

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            Take Metro via the Yellow Line straight to Gallery Place-Chinatown and you are at the Penn Quarter.

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          Elyssa - 2nd the Bodega. Just a fun, fashionable & delicious menu. & Georgetown still has a certain panache about it.