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Jun 30, 2004 04:24 PM

bullocks wilshire-event w/original menu

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i thought i'd pass this on to those who'd like to recapture some of the old tea room spirit.

a summer day at bullocks wilshire-july 24 2004

"tour this beautiful restored architectural jewel...complete your visit w/lunch or high tea from the original bullocks wilshire menu in the legendary tea room."

gen public $55. reservations required, seating extremely limited


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  1. Thank you! Do you know if they'll be serving the amazing mile high cocount cream pie?

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    1. re: cvc

      sorry, that's all i know.

      1. re: petradish

        Not really. You supplied a telephone number; whoever answers might know what they're serving. Why don't you call it and ask all these people's questions, so they won't have to go to the trouble?

        (Just kidding)

        1. re: TE

          Quite right. I just go so excited. I called and left a message for John Kohler who supposedly knows and will call back with exact menu info. I'll keep you posted.

      2. re: cvc

        And those great popovers! Ahh...the 'good ole days'.

        1. re: Funwithfood

          Don't forget about the excellent version served at the Neiman Marcus cafe.

          1. re: JudiAU

            JudiAu, is it Nieman Marcus that also has sublime lobster salad? Is the cafe called Mariposa? Thought I remembered a post re same from you but recent urgent search yielded nothing. (Perhaps should reference unfairly maligned Ruth Lafler of SF)....

            1. re: Dbird

              The salad isn't sublime but it is very good, especially after a demitasse of chicken soup and one, perhaps two hot popovers!

              I would go for soup and popovers alone!

              Melanie Wong also had a nice post last year.

      3. My mom used to take me to the original tea when I was a little girl. I now have a seven month old son. I was very excited to hear about this and was even more thrilled to call and make reservations for us.

        Thank you so much - you have no idea how fabulous this is for us!

        p.s. I think I'll have my son wear his Chowhound baby t-shirt!!

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        1. re: Paige H.

          I used to cook at Bullocks. I called the number and the event is being catered by Kensington caterers. Not sure if they got the old recipe book but it would be a great nostalgia fest if so.

        2. I received a message from John Kohler (?) and he said that the luncheon menu would be a choice of the Wilshire Cobb Salad or Chinese Chicken Salad and that dessert hadn't been chosen but would probably be fresh fruit and some sort of pie. I called back and left the message to please offer the mile high coconut cream pie. The one tea tour will offer a selection of finger sandwiches and pastries. Who knows.

          1. t
            torta basilica

            My daughter has a huge swim meet that day, but if anyone hears of them doing this on other dates, pls advise!