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Apr 16, 2009 05:32 AM

Amherst and Northampton

Does anyone have lunch and dinner recommendations for Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts?

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  1. Ahmerst Chinese, La Veracruzana (Ahmerst and Northampton), Butterfly Chinese(Hadley)

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    1. re: mr breadpuddin

      There are dozens of discussions of restaurants in this area on the board. Try a search. Have to say I find these three restaurants all wanting, and could not recommend any of them. To each their own?

    2. Carmelina's midway between Amherst and Northampton in Hadley. Excellent northern Italian with good, unobtrusive service.

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      1. re: cabbagehead

        And right across the street is Essalon (sp?) Cafe, which is pretty good too.

      2. I tried La Veracruzana for the first time yesterday. It had gotten such mixed reviews on these boards, that I never made it a priority to try it. But, we were in town and decided to give it a try. I was very happy with my dishes, however, the SO's dishes were not great.

        I had the tacos de lengua and they were delicious. Really tender meat (beef tongue) with a red sauce and cilantro and onion on top. I also had the pupusa special. No chicharron available, so I had the bean, cheese and loroco with cortido and a red sauce. Never eaten pupusas with anything but cortido, but the sauce was good. Definitely not enough cortido. The beans were not very good though. Mealy in texture, unsalted.

        The bad beans explained why the bean tostados that the SO had were not very good. Also, he ordered two chicken tacos that were bland, made with all white meat and dry. I really hate it when "Mexican" food establishments use only white meat chicken because its totally inauthentic and due to long cooking times the chicken becomes dry and over cooked.

        Given the option of Mama Iguana's or La Veracruzana, I would take La V any day, however, avoid the beans and order carefully.

        La Veracruzana Mexican Restaurant
        31 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060