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Apr 16, 2009 12:03 AM

Inexpensive but delicious spots near the US Grant in SD?

I am spending may 14-20 in SD and will have access to a car on may 15-16. Since the dollar has risen 35% since I made my hotel booking I realise that my restaurant bill must be seriously limited. Could any angel out there give good advice about oyster bars, gastropubs and small local establishments with good food, ambience and reasonable prices within walking distance of the US Grant and the Conference centre? Good oyster places with happy hour would be a boon too. I will be alone, lonely, overworked and underpaid, so, what else could I console myself with except food, glorious food?
Kind rgds

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  1. Its not inexpensive but I am a fan of the sushi bar in the Fish Market - otherwise I would say had over to Barrio Logan/ Imperial ave. and geet yourself to Las Cuatro Milpas, Cockteleria El Golosito, El Porvenir, Imperial Farmers market.

    1. "Good oyster places with happy hour" = Oceanaire for Happy hour

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        The Deli at the Westgate (across the street. from the US Grant) has some good lunch deals and tasty food. (This is the deli facing the street on 3rd Ave. and not the one inside the actual hotel).

        Oceanaire happy hour for oysters (you'll pass it walking to the Grant from the Convention Center).

        Fish Market Oyster Bar is also quite good (we love the sushi bar, but not cheap as mentioned above).

        Might want to walk to East Vilage (10/15 minute walk) for Cafe Chloe, the bar is excellent for solo dining.

        Of course, you could always console yourself with a ticket to Madama Butterfly at San Diego Opera which is running while you're in town about a block away. Nothing like a tragic opera to realize your life isn't all that bad.


      2. First of all, you'll love the US Grant Hotel!
        Walk across the street to Dobson's and sit in the bar and have the mussel bisque en ever..under $10 or close to it..burger is excellent as well.
        Happy hours abound the JSix, Basic for the best pizza, Tin Fish for fish tacos and the best happy hour in town is at McCormicks & Schmicks at the Omni hotel next to Petco..$2.95 cheeseburgers with fries..
        Love Las Cuatro Milpas and the sushi bar and oyster bar at the Fish Market are quite good.
        Have fun!

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          wow, everybody above! Tks a lot for a reply that gladdens my heart and raises spirits. I am in the ICU at the moment taking care of a couple whose house has burnt down efter the chimney sweeper had ben careless. I do realize that life could be worse than mine, even without Madama butterfly. I do love opera, though, so tks for that tip as well! I think I will brush myself up, dust myself down, look and act like a proper gentleman and see if the nice people of San Diego could continue to be as nice as You folks have been! I salute You all.

        2. Across the street from The Grant is Napa Valley Grille at the Horton Plaza Shopping Mall. Although their food can be hit or miss, most times I've been there, it's been hit. I had a most delicious and generous veal chop with mashed potatoes and greens once and I'll never forget how easy I ate that. They do have Happy Hour (here's where you can save $$) , a nice selection of wine and a view of city looking west. You can also sit outside and hey, here in San Diego, our city is beautiful, even on a rainy day...and you don't have to drive!

          1. If you need a good, cheap breakfast or lunch take a walk down Broadway to the Grand Central Cafe at the YMCA building. Its diner food to be sure, but its hearty and hits the spot if you are in the mood for lowbrow cuisine. Their tuna melt is my favorite.