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Apr 15, 2009 09:59 PM

French Vietnamese

How do you do, Chowhounders!
My very first posting is about a French Vietnamese restaurant in SoCal.
For the last 10 or so years, my favorite has always been Song Long in Westminster. Lately, though, I am feeling a bit, well, fickle. Is there any place else out there that is as good as (or even better than) Song Long? Thank you all for your opinions in advance :-)

PS Is it true that Kasen in Fountain Valley will soon be closed for good? Such a bummer if it's true...

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  1. I dont know if it's still around, but there's a restaurant called "Victory" or "Victoria" that has really good FV food.

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      Thank you for your INFO, LBeater! Love to try it - Could you pls let me know the approx loc of the restaurant?

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        I wonder if you're thinking of Favori ? It's very much "French Vietnamese", and it's good.

        Technically it's in Santa Ana but it's right on the border with Westminster.

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          Nope, LBeater is thinking of Victory:

          580 E. GARVEY AVE.
          MONTEREY PARK, CA 91755

      2. more french than vietnamese...but the chef is vie in rosemead.

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              Thanks, suvro, for your suggestion!

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                I have never been to this place, but am planning to go in early May. I just took a look at their dinner menu - see

                Seems like a strong French influence on their Vietnamese menu:

                Suon Sot Hat Luu - Seasoned pan roasted French cut pork chop topped with caramelized sweet onion in soy pomegranate sauce served with
                vegetable and steamed rice.

                Bo Luc Lac - Vietnamese style “shaken beef”. Sautéed diced Filet Mignon with minced garlic, sweet onions, served with steamed rice and
                cucumber salad.

                For whatever it is worth, here is LA Times' review -

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                  Just looking at the menu makes my stomach growl! Thank you for your follow up, suvro. Looking forward to seeing your review on it soon.

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                    The chef, Stephanie, also has a bakery in Little Saigon called Final Touch. She worked as an engineer or something for years and years before bailing and pursuing her dream of studying pastry. Bakery is solid for cakes and the like - pricey by Little Saigon standards (which still means crazy cheap compared to everywhere else) and really decent. Have been a customer for over a decade -

                    S is good, too - for me, I'd rather have traditional old-school, divey Vietnamese food. Desserts there are noteworthy; I remember a Bailey's creme brulee fondly.

                    (Also: Her in-laws have a little bakery off of Magnolia, in the same strip mall as Pho Bolsa that makes really good traditional Vietnamese stuff.)

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                      My sweet tooth thanks you, Raspberries!

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                  Along those same lines, Xanh Bistro in the little tiny part of Fountain Valley that's part of Little Saigon.


                3. The Brodard Chateau (or is it Chateau Brodard?) in Garden Grove serves Vietnamese with a strong French accent; in fact, our waiter spoke flawless French, to the delight of everyone at the table but me, since I knew that he was going to explain everything in French and I'd have to ask Mrs. O for a translation. Aside from that, the food and service were very good and not too expensive, and the room is elegant and slightly formal without being stiff or intimidating.

                  Brodard Chateau
                  9100 Trask Ave., Garden Grove

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                    The place sounds wonderful. Will definitely try it soooon - Thank you, Will Owen!