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Apr 15, 2009 08:58 PM

Tribeca: Hudson St. South of Canal

Where to eat near Hudson St. South of Canal? It's not an area I'm familiar with. Cheaper is better, and I could be with a few people, possibly vegetarians, for dinner. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Bubby's
    Tapas at Flor de Sol
    Turks and Frogs is very good and can be inexpensive
    There's some family style pizza place down there called Dean's that is busy and looks comfortable but I've never been there.

        1. Gigino's, on Greenwich St, near Duane

          1. You want inexpensive, maybe vegetarian, and no specific type of food. It's kind of vague but here goes. Ihate Bubby's but they are now open all night. Cheap is Pakistani teahouse on Church and Reade, next to mike's papaya which is very inexpensive, petit abeilla is good and certain nites are all the mussels you can eat, Dean;s on Greenwich is least expensive italian in Tribeca (excluding pizza places), Flor de Sol has tapas also on greenwich st ( one lock from hudson), Columbine for soup and sandwich to go and eat in the park, South's on Church and white is inexpensive, walkers has great hamburgers, Takahachi for reasonable sushi, Gee whiz on greenwich for diner food,( better than Square diner), along w. bway south of chambers there are a few restaurants and on church also , some indian and pakistani good for vegetarians. Pain quotidien on w.bway and murray is reasonable and nice open sandwiches and vegetarian friendly, Jerry's on chambers street (formely on spring st) is good, Chinatown is inexpensive and not that far away maybe 8 blocks. Mooncake is in Soho but maybe 4 blocks from canal and hudson. Viet Cafe on Greenwich is good and reasonable and has vegetarian dishes.