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Apr 15, 2009 08:03 PM

what cabbage is best to use for this?

i am planning on making this side dish:
what type of cabbage do you think would be best ?

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  1. i'd use standard green/Winter or Savoy cabbage.

    will you post back after you make it? sounds delicious - i'd love to hear how it turns out.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Savoy or green as ghg mentioned. My favorites anyways

    2. YUM! That's a keeper, I can't wait to try this - I'm a cabbage lover, always have it in the fridge - based on the picture it's your average head of green cabbage.

      Thank you!!

      1. I think you could use any type of cabbage. You could even venture into the bok choy arena if you wanted. I find that red cabbage turns a little more mushy than green cabbage if you cook it too long, but other than that any of the regular 3 (napa/Chinese, red, or green) should work just fine. What I'm getting at is "best" is best answered by you because you know what you like best. Just be aware that you may have to vary the cooking times slightly for what you choose.

        There are certainly mild flavor differences between varieties but my suggestion is to buy whatever is freshest, cheapest (on sale? though cabbage is cheap anyway), and hopefully local.

        1. With all those spices, I think plain old green cabbage would be best. Savoy is milder, and Napa milder still and would add little or nothing to that dish. But if some of your party don't especially like cabbage, go with one of the milder varieties. I make something similar using various cabbages and greens, and it's all good.

          1. Nappa or Savoy cook up nicer than what we refer to as "green" cabbage. "Green" cabbage is preffered raw for use in cole slaw, or salt cured as sauerkraut.

            If you are partial to the heady cooked flavor of "green" cabbage than that use that type.