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Apr 15, 2009 07:59 PM


Anyone been lately? It has been almost a year since I last went. Anything new or changed? Is it still really good? How is the wine list? Thanks!

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  1. I went recently for lunch so no wine unfortunately. Everything was delicious. I had the shrimp bisque to start - yum. I have always thought bisque was supposed to be a strained soup and this is what it was. Very good shrimp flavor with a tomato base. and creamy.

    I had the drum special with a cauliflower sauce of some sort that was so good. The fish was perfect, the sauce was wonderful but a little rich. I should have gotten a salad to start, that would have been much smarter.

    I don't know if it the fact that I have only been here for business type things but the place doesn't have a very fun vibe. I wouldn't call it stuffy, just a feeling that I have to be serious when I am there.

    1. Herbsaint is wonderful You must get the fresh pasta with guanciale and a fried poached egg, a truly creative take on Spaghetti Carbonara. At dinner the menu is a little more ambitious and the mood relaxed. I second lawstudent's comment about the seriousness of it at lunch, it is a touch business at lunch, but that fades quickly at dinner.
      I find the wine list at Herbsaint to be very good. Joe Briand, the sommelier/GM, of Herbsaint and the Link Group in general, has some very good finds and values on there. Particular note are his burgundies and Cotes du Rhone selections. Lots of grower champagne houses also.

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        If I start with the fresh pasta with guanciale and a fried poached egg, then an entree, will that be too much? I noticed the fresh pasta is a "small plate". It sounds so good. But I can't eat too much, then an entree, and of course dessert.

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          Make sure you get the small plate of fresh pasta with fried poached egg (I get it every time we go). However there is a bit of pasta on the plate. I usually just get another small plate (mussels - very good) and never miss the brown butter tarte for dessert. This is usually plenty for me and I do like to eat, but if you can't each much, I would forego the entree . . .

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            It can be a lot of food. If you are going with someone else though, you should be able to split it and be ok. It is also very fun to put together a small tasting menu just by bouncing around the appetizers, small plates, etc...And of course dessert.

            Another thing not to be missed are the fresh cut fries with pimenton aioli. Perfection.

        2. When they're "on" the food is terrific. In my experience, they have been "off" more often. than not.

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            I've never been when they're "on," then. In my experience, the food is decent, but certainly no more than that. For a restaurant where the menu seems fairly static, the food should be perfect, and it never is. Furthermore, the service has been amateurish on every occasion I've been. I don't expect stuffy or overbearing service, but I expect a reasonable amount of knowledge about the food, and a little attention. Empty water glasses have abounded. and requests for help deciding between two options have been answered with "it depends what you feel like eating." Gee, thanks.

            All in all, I've left feeling like I wasted some money every time I've been. Maybe I've been unlucky, but in my opinion, when you get "unlucky" at a restaurant that many times, it has little to do with luck.