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Apr 15, 2009 07:55 PM

Kid-friendly Leslieville?

Gettting together with the moms and babes (there are 5 of us) from my pre-natal class and I'm wondering what would be a good spot in Leslieville. Ideally, we'd like a breakfast place on a weekday.

Willing to go a bit westerly towards Broadview too.

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  1. My initial thought was Lil Baci (which seems to have two dinner seatings, the kid one and the couples one), but I don't know their daytime hours or friendliness during weekdays.

    1. Simple Cafe on Queen just east of Leslie is a great spot nice an bright. They open at 8am.

      1. The Leslieville Diner at Queen and Curzon would be a good choice. They do a traditional breakfast and have a fair number of choices. Not overly expensive or trendy either.