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Apr 15, 2009 07:43 PM

Best All You Can Eat Pasta

celebrity chef lidia has a great kansas city MO place that offers all you can eat delicious pasta options. any places like this around here?

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  1. In Manhattan, Lidia and her son, Joseph, own Becco, where they offer an ayce pasta special. However, I cannot recommend it because I've found the pastas to be disappointing mediocre. In addition, tables are uncomfortably close together, and the noise level is insanely high.

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      Although Lidia has disappointed me lately (my recent trip to Felidia was just "OK"), I did enjoy the AYCE pasta special at Becco. Though I moved out of Hell's Kitchen a little over 2 years ago, I can't comment on a recent experience. I do recall Becco being loud, but besides that, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

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        I'm with RGR on Becco - it's not on my repeat list for pretty much the same reasons.

        However, given the OP's liking for Lidia's KC branch (where they also have the three-pasta AYCE deal), it might be just the right place for this person.

    2. you can try la mela in little italy, duck here come the negative posts lolololol....

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        1. If you're looking for massive quantities of Italian food that may not be all that over-the-moon amazing but also not all that bad either, then try Carmine's on the Upper West Side. The portions are HUGE and it's fun to read Chowhounders go for the throat as they argue over whether it's just for tourists or actually good:

          That's about as close as I can think of to what could even possibly be considered something like an all-you-can-eat pasta place in NYC. I'm not sure a human being can actually finish the portions at Carmine's!

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            That's because they aren't "portions". Carmine's (both locations) serves family style. They aren't meant to be individual servings.

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              Especially since the food there is uniformly ghastly.

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                Well, there are reasons that this disgrace is packed. All of them showing the poor quality and standards of far too many people.
                Actually, the portions are not huge but they endear themselves to the mooks who patronize this place.
                They do use huge plates which is good enough for most people it seems.
                2(maybe 3) HUGE ravioli do not make a huge serving.
                Just go to the Olive Garden. I am guessing the food is similar enough and the cost will be a fraction. Or even better, heat up some Chef Boyardee. Yes, it is that bad and if you don't think so, well...........many don't think my other 2 choices are bad either, remember that. Nobody should ever recommend Carmine's, ever, for anything, unless you truly dislike the person you are giving "help" to.
                But if you think Mizzou Italian is tops, then maybe it will work.

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                  I love mentioning Carmine's here because every time it comes up it gets the same responses (see all previous Carmine's threads since the dawn of CH). Look, some people love it, some people hate it. The food's okay, but if someone's looking for all-you-can-eat-pasta I imagine quantity is more important to them than quality and I certainly think Carmine's is better than Olive Garden or heating up Chef Boyardee. The portions (even for family style dining) are huge. I've never had the ravioli, so that may be different.

                  So if Carmine's is horrible enough to inspire so much angst, tearing of hair and rending of garments why not make alternate suggestions for the person who started this thread who's looking for all-you-can-eat- pasta? Cause Carmine's is the closest thing I know in the city. Which may just mean I don't hang around the right places.

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                    The short of it is, and I believe you would agree, that there is no such thing as good ALL YOU CAN EAT pasta.
                    Really, we should all just tell the poster such and try to up the bar instead of catering to every want there is.

              2. Piola has an all you can eat Gnocchi dinner every 29th of the Month


                They also give free appetizers--food isn't upscale gourmet, but not bad at all--