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Apr 15, 2009 07:23 PM

Red Bean (Azuki) Foods

I am a huge fan of red bean (azuki) flavor. I've had red bean bubble teas from a variety of places in Chinatown, as well as red bean seseme buns from Maxim and Bao Bao. What other red bean desserts/foods/drinks am I missing out on? I heard Oishii has a red bean creme brulle. Any feedback? Thanks!

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  1. Red bean ice-cream and popsicles that you can find in Chinatown/Asian grocery stores.
    Azuki cream puffs from Japonaise Bakery are not to be missed. Azuki bean paste (an or anko) is used in a variety of Japanese baked goods and desserts as well (in mochi, daifuku, mixed with jelly, over shaved ice, etc.). Daifuku can found at Asian grocers or at Kotobukiya (until they close mid May), while the others I'm not sure I've seen in the Boston area at least.

    1. i love the red bean donuts from japonaise bakery. they also have red bean buns (an pan) and red bean cream puffs. christina's in inman square makes really good red bean ice cream too

      1. Yi Soon Allston, also has several excellent red bean items. The red bean cream puff at Japonaise mentioned by galangatron is on this list for best dessert in Boston period in my book.

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          Ah HAH Striper! we ARE on the same bus! Now, the real question is- in the world of "nobody's watching; I can do whatever my appetite dictates", how many of the red bean cream puffs do you need in a sitting?

        2. Ah, shave ice with red beans. Heaven on a hot day. Boston really needs a good source of shave ice. But I digress...

          You can purchase cans of sweet red bean paste at Chinese grocery stores, such as C-Mart or Ming's or Kam Man. I imagine it would be very nice as a topping or swirl-in with vanilla ice cream (your own or store-bought) , and the basis for fun experimentation if you have an ice cream maker. Also, you could take some in a pastry direction. Or how about sweet red bean paste swirled in to some plain yogurt for breakfast?

          1. MMM, I do love the red bean popsicles at the asian grocery stores. We buy the I Mei brand.

            I also like red bean pancakes. We buy them at Kam Man, but often they are out. These are flat pancakes like the frozen scallion pancakes you can buy in the frozen food sections of the grocery stores. You just pop them into a frying pan (don't use any oil), fry both sides, and nearly instant deliciousness. They do put out a lot of grease, but they're kind of salty and sweet all at once. The package says Lotus Wei-Chuan Red Bean Pie.

            I've had the red bean creme brulee at Oishii (Boston). It was very, very yummy. I'm not a huge fan of creme brulee in general, but I would definitely order this if I went back to Oishii. ( I think Oishii also does a green bean version which was also good.)

            My mother also says that Oishii (Sudbury) has the best red bean ice cream she's ever had. I don't know what the red bean ice creams are like at the other Oishii locations.

            Another dessert I just thought of is a green tea fried ice cream with a red bean topping. I've had this once at Sushi Island in Wakefield, and a similar one (with vanilla instead of green tea ice cream) at Douzo. Both were good, although I can't remember the prices, and I think the Sushi Island version was much larger than the Douzo one.