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Apr 15, 2009 06:21 PM

Frankie & Fanucci’s-Hartsdale (ex-Lias's location)

Seems to be close to opening up.
From their web site (sign up and get a free pizza)
Opening Soon!

"Welcome to Frankie & Fanucci’s, a neighborhood pizzeria. Here, we make a simple,
Neapolitan style pizza cooked in an 800° wood-fired oven.

To us, there’s nothing better than sharing a nice pizza with a few friends and family.
(Maybe a little espresso or a glass of vino too.) Please come by and join us.

We hope to see you soon.

Check back soon for the menu and more info"

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  1. Per another CH'er, location is now open.
    Will check myself later.

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    1. re: Jon1856

      Took a little spin afer my mid-day work out and confirmed that they did a very cold opening last night. Just how cold? Still have the "Opening Soon" banner up in front.
      As the manager who I spoke to said they did not wish to be overwhelmed to soon in order to keep the level of quality that they are looking to serve.
      As it was, there were at least 3-4 parties sitting at tables and the area around oven was filled. Including one gent who had dinner there last night.
      While I was en-route to a party and not able to have a taste, the people I spoke to said food as very good.
      PLEASE NOTE: NO Slices. 10in "Personal $9.25 and 16in "Large" $14.95
      Neapolitan style, thin crust.
      Also have several salads, Paninis
      And for those who need to have a sliders fix, they even have a meatball slider.

    2. I am going to have to try it if it is wood fired. Write a review soon.

      1. Well I went to Frankie and Funucci's yesterday for lunch. The restaurant was a decent size and the decor was nice, but not flashy. the servers were all very nice and helpful. Their menu was not very large, but that is okay with because places with small menus usually do their food well. They serve a handul of appetizers for $5-10, pizza $9-15, salads and paninis. Being my first visit I tried a plain personal pizza, the true test of a good pizza place. The pizza came out looking delicious. The crust was golden brown, the sauce was nice and red and the cheese looked very fresh. F & F prides themselves on using quality ingredients and they definitely looked the part. The pizza was cooked well with the cheese just starting to brown the crust just starting to blacken in places. Its good to get a pizza that does not look like it was just cooked long enough. The pizza tasted very good but the sauce could have used a little more basil. I am not a fan of overly sweet sauces for pizza, but this was not the case. Being a fan of wood fired pizza I thought it was excellent. The only problems with the place is one, they do not do slices, and two, it is expensive, for pizza anyways. If you looking for pizza as a nice sit down meal, this is a good place.

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        1. re: randomdude

          I had dinner at Frankie & Fanucci's and I was disappointed. I like "thin pizza", but they have taken it to the extreme. The crust is very thin, the cheese is thin and the sauce is barely there at all. My wife thought it was literally "tasteless". I would not go quite that far, but for a pizza focused restaurant, I don't see how they will have people returning on a regular basis to eat that pizza for dinner. I would feel differently if they had a full menu and this was an appetizer choice, but they only serve pizza, salads and pannini. As an entree it is not satisfying. While the perimeter of the crust was well done, almost burnt (I like that), the bottom of the pie was not dark at all (I suspect if it were baked longer, it would turn into a cracker). One problem with the pie is that it is so thin, that it gets cold very fast, even when you are eating it in the restaurant. We also had a caesar salad ($7.50), which was okay (nice romaine, a little light on the dressing, nice parmasean shavings, a little light on the crutons). The staff is very young and inexperienced, but then again, its a new place. I think you should try it for yourself, but I was not pleased.

          1. re: hard2pleez

            We were there for lunch today. We ordered two personal size pizzas, one Margarita and the other with sausage and onions. I gave the waiter my coupon for the free pizza and he said it was only good Sunday through Thursday. We looked at each other and I informed him that today was Tuesday. There were only 8 people in the restaurant and it took a while for the pizzas. They weren't ready at the same time so the Margarita pizza was cold. The ingredients were as I expected, light and tasty. The crust was exactly what thin crust is supposed to be, well done and slightly charred around the edge. We would give the pizza an "A". For an empty restaurant we found it noisy. The open doors brought in street noise, peoples conversations bounced off the walls and the music was much too loud. I would rather do take out but the pizza will never taste the same.

        2. I signed up for a free pie, but I haven't received the coupon yet!

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          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            Niether have I. But IIRC it may be keyed to birthday????
            And if not, give them some breathing room during opening ;>D
            Edit: from their web site:
            Free Pizza Promotion
            The pre-opening promotion for a free pizza is now over. As of May 1st - We’re Open! E-vouchers will be going out over the next few weeks in the order we received them. Keep an eye out for it. See you soon!

            1. re: Jon1856

              thanks for the info on the free pizza coupons. i was wondering what happed to them myself. i signed up on their website for the free pizza coupon.

              1. re: Jon1856

                haha, can't help getting excited at the prospect of a free pizza!

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  ate there recenty, food is just ok, pizza was just fair, sort of tasteless design is nice, waiter was a bit strange, i will try again in a few weeks, if you like the pizza at zero otto nove, or tarry lodge, or alla antica, or many places in nyc, lower your expectations, this pizza is inferior to those places- thanks

                  1. re: intrepid

                    I have to disagree with most of your post. You should not compare pizza in westchester with pizza in NYC, but I find that F & F is more authentic than most places in Westchester. I do agree that the sauce needed a little more flavor, but I find that a lot of places try to over do their flavors. the tri-part flavor of cheese, crust and sauce should work harmoniuosly, not battle for position. Any way, I loved their crust, which is most of the complaints that I have about pizza around here.

                    1. re: randomdude

                      but random, intrepid was not comparing it to pizza in Manhattan, zero otto nove is the bronx/arthur ave, tarry lodge is Westchester, and all antica is Scarsdale. There are the ones that you should compare a new pizza restaurant too. That said, I am looking forward to my certificate, and certainly going to give this place a chance!

                      1. re: jwg

                        And I wonder why we should not compare pizza here to Manhattan? Have we all thrown in our towels and no longer expect top quality food here? I just don't understand why the food is so inferior in this county.

                        1. re: demifast

                          IMVHO demifast-generally the food in tis county is no so inferior and if I am loooking for a burger, pizza et al, I for one am not about to go down to Blecker Street for it.
                          And for a dinner out, I have found several nice places (some I have posted, other not) that my GF and I enjoy far more than going down to the City just for a dinner.

                          1. re: Jon1856

                            Well John1856 - I am often hard-pressed to find high quality, nice vibe, casual, well-priced neighborhood spots for a spur of the moment dinner. My husband and I will look at each other and nothing local seems very appealing. Not so in my son's neighborhood in Brooklyn - there are tons to pick from. When I grow up I'm moving back to Brooklyn.

                            From what the posts say so far, F&F's sounds like more of the same. And there is a pizza place right across the street already. Nothing like some variety.

                            1. re: demifast

                              Since any answer I would give, here, would be way off topic I quess we just have to agree to disagree on our thoughts and tastes in local neighborhood dinning spots.
                              As I posted, I have no wish to go down to Blecker or to Brooklyn just for a spur of the moment dinner when there are plenty of places here in Westchester that fit the bill for my GF and I.
                              And we even go into places we know nothing about just to try them out. And many times, we enjoy them even more as we had preconceved thoughts about them.
                              And as for F&F, everyone has there own taste. IMVHO, it is very hard to judge someplace just on what someone unknown to you says about it.
                              And yes there is a place just across the street-not the first tme that has happened.
                              In fact, there must now be at least 10-15 places like it within 3 miles of it.
                              And at least 4 within 1/2 mile or so.

                              1. re: Jon1856

                                in some ways jon1856 agree with you , and in others i dont.. example we much prefer to eat local, always try new places, drive by's etc, having said that, mediocre food, is mediocre food, no matter the distance, or proximity. and i am saying the pizza at f& f is mediocre, plain and simple, i will give it another shot, hopefully it will improve, time will tell, you go and judge for yourself,Lias pizza was much much better

                      2. re: randomdude

                        hi, here it is plain and simple without comparisons which seem to be throwing some folks off thier center,lolol, the PIZZA IS MEDIOCRE, plain and simple, very little taste or character to it!!! I will go back to give them one more try, but first impression is poor..thanks

                        1. re: intrepid

                          the pizza at the old lias was MUCH MUCH better than this

              2. Ate here recently -

                Pizza was very thin crust and tasty. Also had the antipasto, which was overpriced and a tad disappointing. The atmosphere was a little strange with these god-awful flourescent lights beaming in your eyes. Waitstaff needs some work for sure.

                The owner came by our table and was very open to feedback, which we gave him. I think they have some work to do, but it certainly has potential.

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                1. re: kverplanck

                  Tried this pizza today at lunch. The decor is white-tiled bathroom accented with garish fluroscent lights, which would be tolerable if the pizza was worth it. I give these guys some credit for trying, but there's some major improvement needed. The cheese was obviously fresh and the crust nicely done, the tomato sauce was utterly flavorless. All'Antica in Scarsdale is much better in that respect, though the crust here is thicker (in a good way) than All'Antica.

                  1. re: fweiler

                    As management seems to willing to take suggestions, I do hope you spoke with them while there.

                    1. re: Jon1856

                      Did not get the chance to, though wished I did. I did leave them a huge tip to escape a table of obnoxious customers, though!

                      1. re: fweiler

                        OK, I think I understand-you could always send them an e-mail by way of their web site

                    2. re: fweiler

                      Everyone has a different idea of what good pizza should look and taste like. For me, if the crust is thin and well done and the ingredients are "real mozzarella" and good quality "plain tomatoes" topped with some fresh garlic, basil and good quality grated cheese. The simpler the better. Here is a short history and how a simple pizza is made.

                      1. re: JohnAM

                        JohnAM, I do agree with you on the essentials of a good pizza and for the general idea that people always seem to disgaree on what is the "best" pizza. I also think that freshest mozzarella and freshest tomatos are not necessarily flavorful (unless you have a non-supermarker tomato to begin with), and if you want to taste a smoky crust unimpeded by other flavors, OK. I don't always need garlic or basil for flavor, but I feel like tomatoes or tomato sauce needs something more.

                        1. re: fweiler

                          i agree w/you, i found the pizza lacking in flavor and taste but will give them another chance in a few weeks, see if things change, i hope they improve

                          1. re: intrepid

                            We finally drove by last night and there really wasnt too long of a line, so we thought we'd try this place. Overall, the pizza was pretty good, but something seems to be missing -- could it be garlic? In any event, can't wait to try it again- still not as good as Al' Antica in Scardsale. Just wish Al'Anitca had a nice piace to sit while eating pizza, since its really the type you need to eat fresh out of the oven!

                            1. re: RawTunaFan

                              Does anyone know if they are going to send the coupons for the free pizzas.

                              1. re: kaaaassss

                                Kasss-You posted this once aready and thanked me for the answer.
                                Answer is on their web site, which is posted early on in this thread.

                                1. re: Jon1856

                                  Sorry Jon. Sometimes I don't remember what I ate for breakfast. LOL

                                  1. re: kaaaassss

                                    LOLPIPROTF-I understand that ALL TO WELL!
                                    Let me know when you get you ticket-I think I have three coming my way-meet up Hartsdale.

                                      1. re: Jon1856

                                        Received an e-mail from them today saying they will be sendin out the coupons in batching starting with those that signed up first. I assume they should be coming to everyone who signed up shortly.

                                        1. re: kaaaassss

                                          Well, you are ahead of me now. I may have to check my spam folder to see just what fell into it......

                                          1. re: Jon1856

                                            They replied to me because I sent them an e-mail after I posted my question on chowhound. I would post it here but I don't know if it would be deleted.

                                            1. re: kaaaassss

                                              No need to. Between what you wrote and what is already on their web site, I can wait for it. I will keep an eye on spam folder.

                                    1. re: Jon1856

                                      so did I. Have to use it by June 4th.