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Apr 15, 2009 06:19 PM

Saturday Lunch in Williamstown, MA

Looking for lunch suggestions in Williamstown, Ma. We will be meeting some old friends and need a place where we can chat and linger over the meal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bikingbaker

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  1. If you like ethnic foods, right on Spring Street, the main drag, there are two excellent restaurants- one Thai and one Indian. There shouldn't be any pressure on you to leave unless there's a parents' visiting weekend on at Williams.

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      If you actually like ethnic food, I suggest you stay away from these two places. The Indian place is passable, though absurdly expensive (vis-a-vis the preparation and ingredients) for anything but the lunch buffet. The Thai place is actually a combination sushi / Thai food restaurant. The raw fish should be avoided and the latter is the worst sort of sickeningly sweet, flavorless Americanized Thai food.

    2. Coincidentlally, I will also be in Williamstown this Saturday, visiting my son. The young "sophisticate", soon to be a Williams grad, will definitely opt for Friendlys, and I am sorry to say, there aren't many other options. I will second the post for the Thai restaurant on Spring St. I have never been because I am not a big fan of Thai food, but if you are, it will fit the bill for a relaxed, chatty lunch. Williamstown is absolutely beautiful, but sadly, the gastronomic choices are sorely lacking! I have been to Mezze and Jae's Inn (in nearby North Adams) for dinner. Both were quite good, actually, but I do not know if either does lunch. Have a great visit out in the beautiful Berkshires!

      1. What about the restaurant in the Orchards Hotel?

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          It's called Gala. Have never tried it. One burger loving friends swears by it, but when I sampled one of their soups at a Buy in the Berkshire festival I found it very, very bland.