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Apr 15, 2009 06:10 PM

ISO Vietnamese in West LA

Does anyone know of any good Vietnamese restaurants in West LA?

After watching a recent episode of No Reservations, in which Bourdain visits Vietnam, I realized that I need to give vietnamese another chance. The food looked amazing.

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  1. "good vietnamese" and "west la" are mutually exclusive of each other.

    le saigon should do in a pinch, but it is not going to help sway you to vietnamese food. go to the mecca aka westminster.

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      Le Saigon is the place on westside but it does not have the most extensive menu although I think their bun is very tasty (I'm more bun than pho). I like their bun cha and spring rolls, also their chicken bun is a nice change from pork. However, if you want more variety and don't want to go to Westminster, there are some Vietnamese places in the Valley that are more on the lines of Westminster. In particular, across from the 99 Ranch Market on Victory and Sepulveda, there is a mini mall that has a place that has a fish tank inside, and has really nice bun, and many other things as well. There is also a place next door to the 99 Ranch market which I acutally do not like that much although they do have bahn guon. (sp?) which I like, just not theirs.

    2. Both Le Saigon and Pho 99 are good, but not great. I think the quality of the meat and vegetables is better at Le Saigon. I generally stick with the bun at both plus the occasional banh mi at Pho 99.

      1. Go to Little Saigon in OC and try Pho Kimmy! It's the best pho in California period. IMO

        1. If Westminster is too far but the Westside doesn't offer enough choices, a decent compromise would be Pho 87 on Alameda on the east side of Chinatown.

          1. I would add Pho Show to this list, on Sepulveda just south of Culver Blvd. (this is very near the 405) ... I liked the pho better there than both Le Saigon and Pho 99... far better than the latter.