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Apr 15, 2009 05:50 PM

1/2 way between LaSalle U. and Media?

An old friend of mine who now lives in CA will be giving a talk at LaSalle next week and then can meet me for dinner. Usually I'd just meet her in the city somewhere, but work is very busy next week and I'm just barely fitting this in, because I want so much to see her! And she's willing to I'd like to go somewhere either between our locations, or more toward (but not all the way in) Media. Any thoughts? She's partial to Italian or deli, but open to anything, as am I.

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  1. Looks like the most direct route from La Salle to Media is Route 1 (hopefully your friend will not have to drive during rush hour!). Looks like halfway point is about around the intersection of Rt. 30 with Rt could travel up Rt. 30 a little ways to Ardmore where, for Italian, you have a choice of Fellini's Cafe (BYOB) or Primavera Pizza Kitchen. Primavera has a very nice atmosphere and good quality. I haven't been to Fellini's in a long time because the service there was very slow...but maybe you would not mind that if you want to linger and talk for a while.

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      Thanks for the reply, rocknroll52. Her plans actually changed so we're ending up in a whole different location...but I'm going to keep Primavera in mind for when I'm out Ardmore way in the future; it's not somewhere I've ever been.