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Apr 15, 2009 04:54 PM

Restaurants with fresh Kefir?

I've recently started reading about kefir, and it sounds even easier to make than yogurt. However, internet searches are coming up blank about where to buy/obtain grains in San Francisco. Has anyone had any luck?

Alternatively, are there local restaurants with great fresh kefir where I can at least enjoy a glass and maybe ask the owner where he/she sources the stuff?


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  1. Kefir used to be a basic stock item in health food stores, but then kinda disappeared. A few years ago only Whole Foods seemed to still carry it. Now Real Foods also carries it. Probably other places now also.

    So pick it up at a local grocery and see if you like it.

    1. Below is the link for Organic Pastures in Fresno. Its website has a store locator, and its products are in several SF Bay Area stores. The Raw Qephor has the grains in it, see if you like the taste, then use the rest of the bottle to culture a batch.

      Organic Pastures Dairy
      7221 S Jameson Ave, Fresno, CA

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          Wondering if you ever tried culturing with the grains from the Organic Pastures Qephor? I've goet some at home and would like to try it?

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            I did. It didn't work for me. I thought the original product was much to sour for me, and I didn't like the lumps, so I didn't try very hard. That said, I know from experience that homemade yogurt and kombucha become much less sour than storebought if properly cultivated over time. So if you try and ti works, let us know!

      1. Clover Stornetta introduced an organic kefir a couple of months ago. I get it at Petaluma Market, because that's where I live, but check with any markets in your area that carry Clover Stornetta products....


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          It seems to be on a new product price promotion now. Noticed it on discount at two stores (Shelton's in Healdsburg and Big John's). The plain was sold out, so I picked up the pomegranate (and some other fruits) flavor. I would prefer a tarter flavor profile, but not bad. I do wish that it didn't have pectin and gums in it, organic though they may be. They make the kefir ridiculously thick.

        2. And it is REALLY easy to make!

          1. You can buy kefir grains from Gem Cultures -

            They also sell other fermenting cultures, like kombucha, sake koji, natto cultures etc.

            I'm surprised you're not finding kefir in the Bay Area. Lifeway Kefir seems well distributed in natural and specialty shops. Berkeley Bowl and some Whole Foods also have Nancy's kefir, in addition to the new Clover Stornetta Kefir (not a fan).

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              Thanks for that link. It looks like a great resource.