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Apr 15, 2009 04:48 PM

Anything from the US you consider a real treat?

I'm visiting friends in NZ later this year and was trying to think of something that I could smuggle in my suitcase that they might consider a real treat, something you can't get over there.. If you have any ideas please pass them on :) Maybe a particular kind of crisps or candy?

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  1. I am from Melbourne, Aus, but my guess would be if we don't get it, our friends across the water probably don't either. I know that if I had a friend from the US coming over, I would love peanut butter mandms (not sold in Melbourne). A friend of mine LOVES Reese's peanut butter cups and reese's peices (also not available in Aus). One other I crave is Cherry Coke - no longer sold in Aus, but the imported American one (available like hen's teeth) is WAY too sweet - I long for good old aussie cane sugar sweetened Cherry Coke, but don't supposed you can do much about that ; )

    Enjoy your trip down south!!

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      Yes! Reese's pieces and Sour Patch Kids were a hit with my Aussie friends. Dr. Pepper too, but that's much harder to bring in a suitcase!

    2. Sent our relatives in Australia a quart of real Maple Syrup.
      They shared with their friends, most of them had never tasted it before. Needless to say, there breakfast went over very well.

      1. I'm an American, living in NZ for 7 years. We have Resse's pieces (all the different kinds except those newish "flips" things). We have things equivalent to sour patch kids and we have real maple syrup (though it's VERY expensive, and they don't have vermont maple syrup which I prefer over the canadian kind). Honestly, the stuff I long for is breakfast cereal, including cream of wheat, Life, Cracklin' Oat Bran (which everyone here loved!). And I have a secret love for velveeta (don't make fun of me, I know it's gross, but it is so nice and melty and I wasn't allowed it as a kid - sssshhh) so I often get some of that brought back. We haven't really got American wines here, and I often bring a selection of Long Island wines back with me. When I first got here, the grocery stores really lacked everything (even proper ketchup!) but they have come a LONG LONG way since. My sister just sent me some marshmallow peeps for easter and an egg colouring kit - but it's a bit late for that now. Goldfish crackers are pretty good, and anything from pepperidge farm! You can't bring in any meats or cheeses, so be careful that everything is sealed and processed. Have fun!

        1. Brianna's Poppy Seed Salad Dressing, and the traditional making for S'mores: Hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers, and plain jet-puffed marshmallows.

          1. As an American living in Sydney, the main thing we're always asked to bring back is BBQ sauce. There is nothing here like the variety of sauces available in the States. Jack Daniels (for the novelty I guess), anything with chipotle, buffalo wing sauce and anything locally made are normally pretty popular sauces with our friends, not to mention the customs officers at the airport. They're always intrigued by the JD ones.

            I personally cannot live without the wing sauce. :)