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Apr 15, 2009 04:20 PM

Starlite, gone for good?

A couple months back we were having brunch at Starlite and they said that they would only be open for brunch for the next 3 weekends. We returned 2 weekends later and they were already closed for brunch. The next Saturday I had dinner at Imperia across the street and saw that they were even closed for dinner. So my question is, ate they gone for good? If so, I will be heartbroken. Starlite was my haven, and favorite place in Austin for brunch, and was definitely up there in my list for dinner.

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    1. re: bookgrrl72

      Thanks for that link. I was wondering about Starlite also.

    2. yes, starlite is indeed gone forever... there is a new concept to take over very soon.

      1. Okay, that is what I suspected. What a bummer!


          They're gonna have a rotating range of sausages served in shop, a market, full bar, poutine, beignets and coffee. The guys running it (well, half of them) are also my bosses here at The Decoder Ring, we've put some of the collateral up on our website if anyone is curious for a preview:

          It's gonna look awesome and there are some really smart and talented people who looooove meat and beer behind it all so I'm pretty excited! I always had pretty hit-or-miss experiences at Starlite so I'm not too sad to see that go.

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          1. re: wrenfern

            What's the price point going to be? I figured that the rent will be high (and any remodel costs if they go that way...) and that it could necessitate prices that some might find hard to digest. (I'll gladly pay $7 for a catalonia pork sausage, but some cringe at $4 hot dogs...).

            Will it be in the model of Hot Doug's Meat Emporium out of Chicago
            or will it be more of a Italian cured meat and random cafe style establishment?

            Just want stress to go minimal on the building upgrade and focus solely on the meat; for businesses, meat success, and happiness sake.

            1. re: solo

              I'm not too sure of price point specifics, but I get the impression that it, along with the sausages, will run the gamut. I'm really excited about the poutine, to be honest. Well. Anything involving gravy, fried, and cheese gets me psyched to some degree so.. yeah.

              There are some really smart people that know what they're doing taking care of everything. I wouldn't worry about the building or whatever too much.

          2. Just what Austin needs, another middle of the road eatery. I know this is Austin, but some of us would like to see more upscale restaurants where flip flops and hats backwards are not welcomed. I hope they have a full bar as I'm not into beer.

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            1. re: sleigh67

              I *think* they will. Don't know for sure on that.

              I wish I were in a position to be able to eat at all the existing upscale restaurants in town frequently enough to be totally bored with them...

              1. re: sleigh67

                I personally think Austin has quite enough high priced, upscale eating establishments. And one of the things I love about Austin is that you CAN go just about anywhere and not worry about a dress code. But to each their own.

                The concept for Frank is also going to be great for the 4th St/Warehouse district area, because there really isn't anywhere down there to stop in and get a quality made bite to eat as you pass through your bar hoping. Plus Frank will be attempting to have an 'Austin's Own' appeal, rather than a 'Look who opened an xyz in austin' vibe. That's a 'meat market' that will actually be welcomed compared to the others in the area.