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Danish Kringles, can you get these in LA

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I believe at the very least you can get these in the city of Solvang, up the coast from Santa Barbara.

but do any bakeries in LA carry these and do a decent job at that?


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  1. Andersen's in Downtown Santa Barbara is closer, but as Das Ubergeek said, Poul's is closer still, unless you live in Thousand Oaks or something. I hardly ever go to Solvang anymore, since I can make my own æbleskiver, and Andersen's (non-pastry) food is better than anything I've ever had in Solvang. But now I'm interested in trying Paula's. Maybe the next Danish Days...

    1. Pouls Bakery in Orange, but call first.

      1. I wonder if the bakery section in the grocery store at Alpine Village sells them - they have limpa. I am just finishing the one I picked up in Solvang over the weekend now. SO GOOD!! ;-) Hope you find them!

        1. Hello from a Swede!

          Try calling:

          Olson's Delicatessen
          (323) 938-0742
          5660 W Pico Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90019

          1. This is going to sound whack-a-doodle but right before Christmas Trader Joe's started carrying almond kringle as one of the fresh "cake" items under the name almond ring cake. I noticed them as that was my next chore in holiday baking and I also remember noticing that they were in the proper knot shape (nothing against the Racine Kringle lovers, but the oval is just not the right shape). And I hazard to say that TJ's almond tastes a darned bit better than the Racine ones we'd get in Minneapolis.