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Beet salad

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I adore beet salad. Whenever I see it on a menu, I'm sure to order it. I'm comfortable roasting beets, but I'm never sure how to make a dressing with salad. I like it with arugula, a little kosher salt and pepper and goat cheese, but how do I dress it?

Does anyone have any good recipes (that are easy!)?


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  1. Goin has a lovely dish that has a shallot vinaigrette, and then a horseradish cream sauce that gets poured on top. If that sounds appealing, I'll post details. My husband always said he hated beets, until he had this recipe.

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      That does sound good. Now does that go with the arugula and goat cheese? I'd like to see the recipe regardless. Thanks!

    2. the horseradish cream sounds fantastic. Please do share.

      I have been slicing my beets raw and dressing them with some shallot balsamic vinegrette with goat cheese and greens. I think shavings of a nice firm goat milk cheese will work very will with this corpaccio salad also.

      that reminds me... i got some beets in the fridge. it's been a while, i hope it is still okay...

      1. Funny ... I just made a big container of beet salad. I, too, love beets. I didn't roast them this time, although I generally do. I very gently boiled the beet (one enormous beet) ... cooled it and then slipped the outer skin off. I minced it into teensy cubes (brunoise) and then chopped up lots of fresh dill and added 2 tsp. white sugar, 1 Tbsp of white vinegar and about 5 Tbsp of sour cream. Ooooh. Great. Even better the next day (if it lasts that long). <smile> Enjoy them -- they're really good for you!

        1. I like a citrus based vinaigrette with beets. Orange works really well.

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            Do you have a recipe for said vinaigrette?

          2. Yuuummmm. Oven roasted beets, cooled and peeled, sliced vidalia onions, dijon mustard, a touch of honey, salt pepper, toss, eat.

            1. Hundreds of recipes. Orange marmalade, some olive oil shallots and thyme is a quick easy dressing or just oj instead. Balsamic, olive oil, shallots, s/p. Red wine vinegar and olive oil, s/p. MMRuth said horsradish cream which is great. I make a simple horshradish, sour cream, dill and a dash of lemon dressing.

              Shredded beets are great too, roasted, chilled hot. Mixed with fresh pears. Fennel and citrus is great with honey, olive oil and mint dressing. Beet are great diced with apples and pears with a creamy sweet sauce, honey, yogurt and chopped walnuts. A good salad is roasted fennel, crimini mushrooms, and beats, chilled and tossed with rosemary balsamic vinaigrette with a little honey.

              Blue cheese, walnuts, simple olive oil, white wine vinegar, thyme, spinach with fresh pear and orange slices. Semi classic but always good and so easy.

              I could go on and on

              1. Pickled Beets: Boil beets. Peel beets. Slice beets. When you have a quart jar full, heat vinegar (enough to cover them) with some sugar and pickling spice. When this boils, pour it over the beets. In absence of pickling spice use peppercorns, whole cloves, stick cinnamon, celery seed, a little hot chili pepper, bay leaf, etc. In the refrigerator, pickled beets will keep forever. If you use canned beets, pour off half the liquid and replace with vinegar then proceed as above (but fresh beets have a better texture). ALSO, in Quebec had a beet salad made of slightly pickled-tasting beets, apples, celery, Romaine lettuce, and cubed salami-oid sausage.