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Apr 15, 2009 02:43 PM

Mia-Oishi Thai,Cheen Huaye,

Hi again,
...any experience with these?

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  1. Much better picks. Cheen Huaye definitely. Oishi is ordinary Thai in a nice setting. Some unique (meaning ripped off from Nobu) dishes.

    1. Oishi sushi chef used to work out Nobu and has "borrowed" some of the dishes like the tuna and yellowtail tartares, the "new style" sashimi items, etc. They are pricy but not as pricy as Nobu, but not the same quality either (though not bad). Their sushi is actually pretty good. I've not tried the Thai stuff.

      I like Cheen Huaye - great sopa de lima, and generally speaking the stuff that sticks closer to their Yucatanean roots I've really enjoyed.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        ...just had lunch at Cheen Huaye.....wonderful tuna/shrimp ceviche....great positive energy from staff.....good value, but ask for prices of daily specials...thanks again for input....I`ll go back for sopa de lima

        1. re: CMT

          Good point about asking for the prices of specials. The sopa de lima is a must. Also, the chicken tameles, which are usually a special, are very, very good. They're steamed in banana leaves, as opposed to corn husks. The result, I think, is a slightly grassier, greener flavor. Also, if they have it, the agua de jamaica (iced hibiscus tea) is very good.