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Apr 15, 2009 02:42 PM

Moab area eats

We will be visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and staying in Moab for four days at the end of April. Any recommendations for dining -- either in town or on the road to the parks? We enjoy all types of eating adventures -- from fine to fun and funky. Also, are there any good places to pick up snacks or sandwiches to take on a hike? Thanks!

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  1. Moab is not much of a dining destination, but makes up for it with some fantastic nonculinary adventures.

    That said, Desert Bistro is a worthy candidate in the "fine" category. As long as you avoid holding it to "big city" standards you'll have a nice meal there.

    Jailhouse Cafe serves a very nice breakfast but often has a long wait. Moab diner is also worthy for breakfast in the "greasy spoon" category. After a day climbing, that's often what I'm looking for.

    We typically rent a condo on Moab trips so as not to be dependent on the limited chowworthy options.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: climberdoc

      Thanks, Desert Bistro seems to get a thumbs up by many -- we'll give it a try. Had not heard of Jailhouse Cafe -- thanks for the rec!

    2. We always try to go to Miguels Baja for some interesting Baja-style Mexican food. And great margaritas!
      Ekletic Cafe has good, if sometimes disorganized, breakfasts and baked goods.
      BTW, all of your food options will be in Moab, there isn't much "on the road".

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      1. re: MarilynLam

        Thanks for the heads up about "road" food. We'll make sure to get provisions in Moab. We are ALWAYS in search of a great Margarita -- thanks! We will be staying at Sunflower Inn B & B -- so we will catch breakfasts there.

      2. There are a few cafes which serve good, solid, decent food. Jailhouse is one of them but it's also one of those places where everyone seems to like also.
        It's always nice to find a town in that neck of the woods, Moab being one of them, that isn't 'dry'.

        1. From August 2006, so a bit dated, but I think these are still valid:

          Pasta Jay's was good choice. We had a good pizza and those around us had food that looked and smelled great! It was busy, a good sign in my book.

          We had lunch at Eddie McSkiff's and it was so so. However, not long after we both were feeling less than great...very upset stomachs. Not sure if it was the food [we ate different things]but not sure I would go back there anytime soon.

          Dinner at Poplar Cafe was really poor! We had their prime rib special - ick! Meat was overcooked [we ordered medium and it was well past "well"] and dry and almost 50% fat. {Pup got a treat when we came home}. The veggies were canned and the entire meal was blah. There were only a couple of other patrons there, not a good sign.

          Desert Bistro gets top notch, consistent reviews.

          These 2 places get positive reviews, too.

          Red Cliffs Grill
          Sorrel River Grill

          Pasta Jay's
          4 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532

          red cliffs grill
          moab, ut, moab, ut

          sorrel river grill
          moab, ut, moab, ut

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          1. re: DebitNM

            Thanks for the report. Had not heard of Pasta Jay's. We will be staying at a B & B in town, but will try to schedule a trip to Red Cliffs or Sorrel River grill --any preference?

          2. I was in Moab last October and had a several good meals. Cassanos ( or a name something like that) has really excellent eggplant parmesan. Buck's grill is an unlikely venue for interesting food, but has several wonderful menu items that are not just hunks of grilled meat. And the Moab Brewery has nice ribs. If you are in the mood for a really good burger, Zaks is quite fine. After a hike or bike, there is a place on the main drag that might be called Sweet Peas or some name of that sort- it is on the right side of the street as you drive into town- that makes an incredible shake of espresso and ice cream or yogurt. It is a marvelous way to reward yourself after beating yourself to a pulp! And breakfast at the Moab diner is good food, reasonably priced and the place to learn what is going on in town.
            Enjoy your trip.

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            1. re: eileeninfc

              Great. Thanks all for the recs. -- definitely Desert Bistro, Moab Diner, Moab Brewery and Miguels Baja and one of the grills. A lot of other interesting places to check -- we'll need to do a lot of hiking!

              1. re: jnf

                Oh yeah. City market for trail food.

                Frankly all restaurants in Moab range from mediocre to average unless it's really really crowded. When that happens, you beat yourself up for not renting a condo with a kitchen. No restaurant excels save for the Jailhouse breakfasts and Moab Diner is consistent, though boring.