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Apr 15, 2009 02:40 PM

Where to buy good pizza dough in Miami?

I'd like to make pizza at home and I'd prefer to buy the dough instead of making it myself. Are there any pizza shops that will sell their dough to me or is Boboli the only option?

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  1. Publix make ready made pizza dough in their bakery department. I tried it once, it was ok but difficult to roll thin. It was probably too cold so I will try it again.

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      Yeah, Publix bakery pizza dough is better than Boboli. I also had a tough time working it but I haven't a clue when it comes to dough.

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        The Publix dough is pretty good, I've worked with it a LOT because I like a REALLY thin crust. I had to really roll it to get a good thin crust, and more recently I've been pre-cooking the crust (once made thin) for just a few minutes THEN adding my sauce and toppings because I was burning the top when I cooked longer to crisp the crust. Not sure how you like your pizza but I cook just the crust for about 5 mins then add my stuff and cook again for about 12 minutes at 400-450 in a smallish/medium gas oven.

        As mentioned above, the fresh dough is in the BAKERY refrigerated case where the cakes are on display. Give it a shot.

    2. I've used Publix dough a few times
      it's not very elastic
      and it is harder to work (it fights back!)
      in the long run, the purchased dough took longer to work
      wasn't as thin or tasty as the one thrown together
      from flour and yeast
      try it once - it's easy

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        1. Has anyone tried the dough at Laurenzo's? I haven't bought pizza dough but I'm considering on getting into making pizza at home once I convert my oven into a pizza parlor.

          1. just wondering if any pizza restaurants would sell you their ready made dough?

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              I've had success walking into my local pizzaria and buying dough. I live up in WPB though and I'm sure it depends on the pizzamaker and their particular mood that day.