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Apr 15, 2009 02:39 PM

Dining Suggestions around the Delano Hotel

Hello. I am staying at the Delano hotel in Miami next week. I would love a few suggestions for a restaurant somewhat nearby. Price isn't too much of a consideration and was just looking for something that overall was really wonderful. Am open for any type of restaurante, i.e. seafood, steak, etc.. Also, is the Blue Door a nice experience at the hotel? Thank you very much for any help. Oh, a good wine list is also a bonus!

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  1. Well, as a long time traveler to Miami Beach, here's my list:
    Talula is a few blocks up Collins at 23rd. It's very good.
    The Front Porch for breakfast, on Ocean around 14th
    Sardinia is a short cab ride away, on Purdy. My wife and I actually walked back from a dinner at Sardinia a couple trips back; we were staying t the Loews which is just down the street from the Delano. Also, Joe Allen is on Purdy. A great local hangout.
    Lots of choices on Lincoln Road Mall which is a fairly short walk from the Delano. We particularly like Spris for pizza; the Icebox for lunch and/or dinner; David's for real cheap Cuban food; and we had a very good lunch at Quattro (expensive), which gets mixed reviews on this board.
    The bar at The Setai hotel is a great place for drinks. Have not eaten there. Very, very expensive. I don't know anything about The Blue Door, have walked thru the Delano, but never eaten in any of the restaurants.
    If you are up for a longer cab ride, go to the Design District. I highly recommend Michaels Genuine and Pacific Time.
    If you don't mind mixing with the locals, take the 25 cent South Beach Local bus and head down to the southern end of town, Smith & Wollensky has a great bar scene and appetizer menu, plus the sunset is awesome and you get to see the cruise ships go in and out of the port. While you are down that way you should check out Joe's Stone Crab but I believe we are at the end of the stone crab season. Also, we like Big Pink for lunch although, again, some mixed reviews.
    There are a ton of other places. I suggest you read some of the other posts on this board. Very informative.
    My wife and I will be down next week as well but we are staying at the Viceroy, which is more in the business district. We have plans to go to Pacific Time on Wednesday night and will be hitting the bar scene at S&W on Friday. Have a great trip! Please report back and let us know where you ate and what you thought of the food.

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      stone crabs will still be around when he comes

    2. blue door is ok but overpriced

      1. within walking distance all good but in no particular order...
        Bond St - not amazing but the best sushi we got in south beach
        Osteria del Teatro- better than quattro slightly less expensive
        Blt Steak is good
        bbq beach
        el chalan
        front porch - breakfast only
        ice box and books & books - ice box is less consistent but when it is good it is better than books.
        Felafel place between 10th and 11tth on washington

        1. Wonderful, thank you all for your suggestions. Plan on going to Front Porch and Icebox for breakfast. There are a Bond St. and BLT Steak in LA so will want to try something different. I believe the only night we do not have plans is Monday and I think Talula is closed that night..bummer...What type of food is Sardinia? Sounds like drinks for sure at Setai and S & W...Also, have seen some post for Casa Tua, any thoughts?