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Apr 15, 2009 02:34 PM

Searching for Mexican

I just joined this site and I'm putting it to the test. My wife and I LOVE good Mexican food, but only really GOOD stuff. Right now, when we get a yen for it, we drive all the way to Pasedena to the one truly excellent Mexican takeout place I know, Puebla Tacos on Lake Blvd. Now that travelling that distance is not as affordable, I need a closer place with comprable food.

We live near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Vermont Ave. in Vergil Village, a Latino neighborhood if ever there was one. We have Mexican restaurants all around us, but I've been to so many bad-to-mediocre places, I don't want to blow money trying to find the good ones. Can anyone advise me?

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  1. taco zone and mariscos chente?

    1. Welcome to Chowhound!
      One of our few Yucatecan restaurants, Chichen Itza, has a branch not too far from you.

      I'd point you to the Search engine but recent upgrades have rendered it less reliable :-(.

      Chichen Itza
      2501 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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        We tried Chichen Itza (at the 6th Street location) last night and were very happy with our meal.

        We had:
        -shrimp ceviche (they were out of the pulpo, which I had hoped to try)
        -kibi (Lebanese-inspired wheat-and-meat balls)
        -Poc Chuc
        -Cochinita Pibil

        The starters were quite decent, but I wouldn't order either again. We really liked the complimentary habanero salsa and chips, which came coated in a black bean puree and some pico de gallo as well. The apps were good enough to tell the kitchen could do better, and it really did with the entrees.

        The poc chuc was absolutely amazing - smokey and citrusy and porky. It came with a small, charred house-made link of chorizo that I would love to buy by the pound. Also on the plate: avocado, cabbage and a side of beans, I think.

        The cohinita pibil was likewise excellent. This is a big serving, and comes with just (very mediocre) rice and (pretty good) black beans -- so don't expect any vegetables with your entree on that one. But the meat was really perfect.

        We would order both entrees (which came with non-memorable tortillas) again easily. Yum.

        The restaurant was dead, by the way, with just two other couples there. I guess that's no surprise in this economy, in that neighborhood, on a Wednesday night. But still, sad to see.

      2. I've not been to Puebla Tacos, but you're not too far from Tere's, which is very good. (It's near the corner of Melrose and Vine.)

        Tere's Mexican Grill
        5870 Melrose Ave Ste 1, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          1. I'd agree and say that Tere's is fairly good for how close it is to you.

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            1. re: LBeater

              "We live near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Vermont Ave. in Vergil Village, a Latino neighborhood if ever there was one."

              Right there's part of your problem; while you're in the middle of a neighborhood full of Spanish-speaking immigrants, a significant number of 'em are originally from places no closer to Northern Mexico than we are as we type this. So I can point you at Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan, Salvadorian, etc. a stone-throw from your door, but you might have to go at least a short distance for some really good Mexican, depending on your taste, and depending on how upscale or downscale you want to go.

              Chichen Itza is a perennial fave of mine, and their 6th St location is probably as close as you'll get to "Regional Mexican fine dining" for four or five miles or more.

              There's a host of Oaxacan places just south and west of you. ; There's at least four "modern-Mexican influenced" places downtown, (Rivera, Provecho, Casa,
              three of them new within the year, and three of them VERY upscale which have gotten mixed reviews here.

              Speaking of which, on my way home every night, I pass a "Cemitas Poblano" truck on the north side of 8th just east of Alvarado. Never been there; anyone know how it is?