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Burgers in Dot

The other burger thread has me jonesing....

Where can I go to get a really great burger? I want juicy tender cheesy goodness. Good bun is imperative.

Take away or delivery would be great, too!

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  1. Ashmont Grill, Sonny's, The Harp & Bard and The Blarney Stone are the best I know of.

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    1. re: Guinness02122

      I would agree with each of those pics and each one for different mertis of goodness.

      The sliders at Blarney Stone are great.

      When Ashmont was using that local beef from the poor dude who got killed on the farm the burger was absolutely amazing. They still do a great job.

      1. re: Wursthof

        I agree with all the joints but Sonny's.
        Sonny's is terrible, in my opinion!

        1. re: janzy

          Wow! Mark Fidrych raised cattle for beef? I remember when he was a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers and would talk to the ball before every pitch. I assume you're talking about the farmer in Northborough.

          I think Sonny's food has been very inconsistent over the years except the burgers.

        2. re: Wursthof

          Are you saying they are not using River Rock beef anymore? What are they using?

      2. There has been a recent huge thread on the best burgers in the boston area here:


        My vote is for the burger at Sel De La Terre in the Natick Mall location only... I'm pretty sure the other locations don't have the same burger. It is literally Top 5 Burgers I've had in my life. Carry out, delivery burgers are good at Flippin Burgers in Newton Center. They have a yummy sauce on the side. I go there often because they're only 5 minutes form BC :)

        If anyone recommends Eagle's Deli... it's not worth it. It tastes like something you grilled yourself which isn't bad, but its not worth paying them for it.

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          Thanks, I saw the thread. I was looking for burgers in Dorchester, not elsewhere.

        2. CF Donovans in Savin Hill puts out a really good burger, especially the mushroom swiss burger. I Also think Sonny's burgers are good and generally go for the one with Irish bacon. While I agree with the other postings that food hasn't always been consistent at Sonny's, the old chef is back and food has greatly improved. Sorry, just can't agree with the Harp & Bard. The owner is so difficult that it's not someplace I wouldn't stop at even for a quick burger.

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            I have liked most everything I've had at C.F. Donovan's except the burgers due to dryness.

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              I haven't experienced that, but maybe because I like my burgers smothered with cheese and I don't notice. While not in Dot, you may like the burgers at Darcy's or CafedeParis on the Quincy/Milton line. I've been really happy with them there. The two places are in the same building, part of the Common Market restaurant group. Atmospheres are opposite as well. Darcy's has a rustic bar atmosphere, cash only I believe, with good pizzas and pub grub. CafedeParis, at least on the bar side, attracts an older crowd 50+ with a quiet atmosphere, good burgers, steaks, and fish as well as pizza from Darcy's. Bartending is great, more than a generous pour.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                Thanks. I heard good things about Darcy's. I almost forgot that Terra Brasili has a great burger with an egg on top. Have you been to the Early American? They have huge burgers but not very tasty. Also, I remember having a nice burger at Avenue Grille about 8 years ago.

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                  Is the Early American near the Fowler House? If so, I haven't been there in many years, and I have had a chance to try Terra Brasili, although I've been curious about it. Louie's Crossing down the Nec k always had a good burger as well.

          2. I'll get on board with Ashmont (good bun), and C.F.D's. Both worthy of clogging your arteries.

            1. We ended up at Ashmont Grill. Great burger! It had the appropriate amount of juice, good bun, mushrooms weren't an after thought.

              We did have to send back the artichoke dip because it was ice cold in the center. The waitress was apologetic, but didn't remove it from the bill. Beers were a little slow in arriving.

              The carrot cake was amazing! It was on the lighter side which I prefer over dense cake. The cream cheese frosting was super light and soooooooooooooo good.

              We'll go back to try other stuff.

              1. IMO the only "good" burger is at Ashmont. Too pricey for what you get, but good nonetheless.

                CFD's and Blarney are OK in my book.

                Sonny's burger is more edible than most the rest of their food but that place is NOT a destination spot for dining, though it is an excellent place to chat with the lovely pegmeister!

                If I were you, I'd expand my geographical boundaries slightly and head to FAT CAT in Quincy for their burgers. Very, very tasty. Reasonably priced and less 'tude than Ashmont.

                But I have changed my tune on Ashmont. I hated it for very long but now go there of my own volition.

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                1. re: C. Hamster

                  We will try out Fat Cat -- they had me at the picture of lobster mac :)

                  Last night was about staying close to home and satisfying the burger crave.

                  1. re: tallullah

                    I hear ya.

                    They sell great meat at the Ashmont Liquor store and will grind it for you if making your own intrigues you.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      Oh thanks for the tip! We've been trying to find a good butcher.

                    2. re: tallullah

                      The lobster mac at the Fat Cat is delicious!

                    3. re: C. Hamster

                      We'll be at the Fat Cat tomorrow night and the lobster mac n cheese has my name all over it! How are the mixed drinks? Or should we stick to beer?

                      1. re: mtm7654

                        The cocktails are EXCELLENT.

                        What I would suggest is sitting at the bar, if possible. Tell any of the bartenders C. Hamster sent you and promised the drinks would be yummy. Most of the tenders are very creative and can create whatever suits your taste. Plus they are sweeties.

                        If you can't sit at the bar, at least order your first one from them with the mention of she who wanders the habitrail.

                        The have a nice selection of beer and wine, though, too.

                      2. re: C. Hamster

                        I agree, Sonny's is definitely not destination dining, but it has a certain allure. It's my to go place when I'm craving a steak n cheese. I like that they'll put it in a toasted wrap, and they make decent onion rings. Last time I was there I hit $550 on Keno as well!

                        1. re: Pegmeister

                          It obviously allures me, too, since I am there all the time. But then I can practically see it from my house.

                          Their steak and cheese is good, I agree. Their turkey club is outstanding. Their pizza has improved.

                          But I go there because its there and not for the food. Plus it is a very interesting bar scene, sometimes, and you meet interesting people -- one of which just might have to buy me a beer with some recent Keno winnings!

                      3. harp n bard has a good burger, but their club sandwiches are the best. cheeseburger or turkey club, with real turkey, might be the best sandwich on dot. ave for a mile or two each way

                        1. Try the Ledge Kitchen and Drinks...2261 Dot Ave....mouth watering, huge burgers...

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                            Good enough at the Ledge but they're 12 bucks