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Jun 30, 2004 05:15 AM

Best Taiwanese Mango Shaved Ice (at least in the SGV)

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I've been eating mango shaved ice every other day for almost 2 weeks straight and I have to say:

Shau May
Shau May Restaurant
250 W. Valley Blvd. 91776
t: 626-282-7123

is the best. I've tried Ten Ren's Tea Station's version. Tried another in the San Gabriel plaza (at the rice noodle faux food court place next to Good Time Cafe), tried another highly touted shaved ice place next to the Little Bean/Ten Ren in the corner food court plaza in Rowland Hts. Also had it at the Shau May in Rowland Heights next to HK supermarket (across the stret from Little Green Bean/Ten Ren). Finally, tried the original Shau May on the corner of Garfield/Garvey.

the aforementioned Shau May on 250 W. Valley is running a buffet special for $4.00. For a dollar extra, you can get a shaved ice. For the shaved ice alone, it's $2.99 + tax.

what makes this mango shaved ice so darned special?

a ton of condensed milk
free shaved ice refill
plenty of fresh mango chunks
mango juice in addition to condensed milk
various bits of almond/fruit jelly squares
and! a whole cup of mango jello on top

at $2.99, NOTHING in town beats this deal / flavor euphoria.

my current routine: banh mi ga @ Baguette Express and then trotting off to Shau May for the mango ice. don't forget to bring a date to share the mango shaved ice. chics dig it ;)

Little Bean
18415 E. Colima Rd., Rowland Hts., CA 91748
(626) 965-1616
(possibly the best Boba nai cha chain)

Tea Station
158 W. Valley Blvd. 91776

Shau May Restaurant (orig.)
104 N. Garfield Ave. 91754

Good Time Cafe
140 W. Valley Blvd., #209 91776

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  1. TonyC:
    is this the Shau May by Valley and Atlantic?


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      1. re: Chino Wayne

        I erred.

        this is the one:

        Shau May
        830 E Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91801-5225, US

        too many of 'em :)

          1. re: TonyC

            No wonder!!!! You got me all fired up because I love mango so much. Went there today after picking up a couple of sandwiches from Mr. Baguette and thought I was going nuts. Went to 250 W. Valley. The sign does say Shau May. I looked and didn't see it but parked anyway. I got out and walked around and couldn't find it so I went into a couple of shops and asked if anyone knew where it was. They all answered "I'm not Chinese" so I took that as a no. Went home so disappointed although I checked out a place called King something and it appears to be a Japanese tepanyaki place which might be good. Think I'll give that a try soon. Thanks for correcting the address. I'm gettin fired up agin!

      2. I DEFINITELY agree with Little Bean as being the best boba milk tea place. Their mango shaved ice is probably the best I've had as well.

        1. Speaking of Valley Boulevard...

          Besides little food-things dancing around in my dreams, it is one of my dreams/desires to walk Valley Boulevard, end-to-end, and taste everything that calls my name. I used to think about doing this on Ventura Boulevard, but that was a rather pedestrian and bland goal now that I know about Valley Boulevard!

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          1. re: liu

            "I used to think about doing this on Ventura Boulevard..."

            I tried that a couple weeks ago; it wasn't that great :( Valley Blvd would be excellent though!

            1. re: ray9x

              ray9x -- "...2 hours walking to Beard Papas..." (from your "My Chow") -- you are just the kind of person to walk Valley Blvd., I think!!!

              And I quite agree: Ventura is Cub Scouts compared to a walk down and up Valley Blvd.! I am magically drawn into so many places. I don't have to eat in all of them, but I do like to look! (And of course, as part of the oath that I took to Chowhound, I would taste a LOT!)

              1. re: liu

                At the risk of going totally OT here, you (liu & ray9x) might enjoy the following thread from 2005 on "Motherlode Streets" worthy of your admirable ambulatory ambitions:


                1. re: PayOrPlay

                  PayOrPlay - Hi! "...admirable ambulatory ambitions..." very clever you are!

                  This is terrific! I am familiar enough with most of the mentioned places that it made for enjoyable reading, and it even introduced me to some new places to try!

                  Compared with last year, and even 6 months ago, the face of Valley Boulevard is changing quickly! When there, you can really feel the energy. This is the same for Abbott-Kinney in Venice (so much new building) and for places in Little Tokyo as well. What an amazing city!

                  Thanks, again, for your referral to the thread above...perfect!