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Apr 15, 2009 01:41 PM

Opinionated About Dining - Ontario Ratings

Let the debate begin. Here are the 2008 Ontario ratings from the Opinionated About Dining web site.

Eigensinn Farm - 98
Splendido - 95
Lai Wah Heen - 91
Scaramouche - 89
Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar & Restaurant - 88
CĂ©lestin - 88
Perigee - 88
Canoe - 87
Bymark - 87
Colborne Lane - 84

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  1. Opinionated About Dining is perhaps the worst, lowest-quality, misguided "guide book" in circulation. My opinion about Opinionated About is that it's ratings are not to be taken seriously. My guess is that you're a personal accquaintance of Mr. Plotnicki?

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    1. re: Oxygen8

      Actually, know nothing about this web site. Happened to be web surfing and came across the site. Why would you guess me to be a personal aquaintance... simply because I posted ratings? Not sure where that came from. Anyway, I've eaten at many of the restaurants listed. They're generally pretty good. What's your issue with them? Obviously there are some fine ones missing, but hey, these types of lists are always based upon an individual's opinion - and yours is pretty obvious, though unsubstantiated.

      1. re: Oxygen8

        I think maybe you're right and that there should be no debate on this, since it's like getting a few of your friends in a room with a couple drinks and start rating restaurants. And then you publish it so it looks official.

      2. How do they get their results? Who do they give their surveys to? And Eigensinn Farm 98? Really? As in almost perfect? Really? And how is this different than Zagat's?