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Apr 15, 2009 01:28 PM

Splendido - Best of 8 Years Menu

The official changing of the guards has been announced.

General Manager Carlo Catallo and Chef de Cuisine Victor Barry will officially become the new owners of Splendido on July 1, 2009.

To mark the last eight successful years, Splendido is running an eight week promotion through May and June highlighting eight of Chef Lee's top plates. $125 / person.

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  1. these days, so much money. but my B-Day being in June is a sign I guess...I am making a reservation.

    1. I made a reservation already, after David Lee dropped by our table at Nota Bene and mentioned it...but I was wondering: since he is already spending so much time at NB, will he be back at the Splendido kitchen one last time for this tasting menu?

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      1. re: pinkprimp

        NVM, just picked up the phone and asked. The man who answered said that he'd be "conducting" so he might be in one day, and not on another...which is typical of an executive chef, right?

      2. what do other people think of this menu? worth it?

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        1. re: shekamoo

          I was at Splendido on a Tuesday at the end of March and both David and Yannick were there until about 9:30. Took advantage of the $98 tasting menu and free corkgage. Had a great time and the standout dish was the Squab Sous-vide that is being served on the 8-year celebration menu. Obviously $125 is a lot of money but a comparable meal in NYC, London, Paris.....Tokyo or really any other large metroplitan city would cost at least twice as much. Definately worht it (IMHO)!!!

          1. re: robb

            just to clarify I am not questioning whether splendido in general is a place worth the money it charges: I believe it is. I am curious about people's opinion on this specific menu...

            1. re: shekamoo

              It doesn't start until May so nobody knows yet. I'm sure somebody will post about it once one of us gets to try it.

              1. re: graydyn

                I must say I was aware of that, what I wanted to know was the choice of dishes from each year. people who have tried these may have a view about them..

                1. re: shekamoo

                  I do not think it iw worth it.. no truffles no caviar no game it just does not seem that exciting for $125

                  1. re: OnDaGo

                    Everybody uses truffles, caviar, foie, etc.... What's "exciting" about that? Actually, in Toronto, these ingredients have become quite ubiquitous. Don't get me wrong, I love them and they are delicious but the reason I love David's cuisine is that he's much more subtle in his flavour profiles than many other chefs in the city. Anyone can load up on expensive ingredients and charge $$$$. But not everyone can make a killer squab breast like that, and I certainly don't see squab on every menu across the city either.


                    1. re: OnDaGo

                      I went last week and there was caviar on the menu. Maybe he read your post and decided to add it. ;) Also one of the dishes was 'truffle scented' but I'm not sure if there was any actual truffle in it, or maybe just some oil.
                      There was some Wagyu in there too, and morels.

          2. Anyone's got a review yet? I'm thinking of making a reservation next month, so any reports would be great!

            1. Bumping this to see whether anyone has checked this menu out---I'm just wondering about the value...

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              1. re: markdsgraham

                I've got a reservation for June 26. My GF and I are going for my birthday and our anniversary, and I'm pretty darned excited. I have to say that the menu is not outrageously exciting. It seems very classic actually. But the wine pairings are spot on, and if the execution is there then it will be fantastic. I don't think there is any question of value. It'll be my first time at Splendido BTW! The will be a painstaking review to follow.

                1. re: haggisdragon

                  I hope you have a great time! I went mid June for my gf's birthday. They had a little surprise for her ( i let them know it was her bday beforehand). So if it is for bday and anniversary, i am sure they would give something special as well.

                  Btw, it was my first time there and the service is by far one of the best out there.

                  The tasting menu was great, with two more amuse bouche complimentary of the chef. The food itself was great - ranging from outstanding to very good depending on what you like to eat.

                2. re: markdsgraham

                  It's excellent - both in quantity and value. I tried it - sent some friends and they reported back with extreme compliments. We all felt there was 'almost' too much food.
                  The highlight (for me) was the squab breast - I can't recall ever eating better, more flavourful and tender squab. And the white Asparagus/ramps/morel dish was up there too (especially as I had a very similar dish at Grace recently that was a disaster).
                  The only disappointment (for me) was the Wagyu dish with sturgeon caviar. Perhaps it was intended to be a riff on 'Surf 'n Turf' - but for me the flavours didn't really work well together. I'm about to nominate Wagyu (Canadian version) as 'the most overhyped ingredient in town'! I've had Canadian Wagyu multiple times (it's trendy!) and just don't 'get it'! Haven't been that impressed with US versions either. (But was knocked out by an Australian Wagyu steak).
                  But the presentation/cooking/service combination at Splendido will certainly be missed by me - although I'm also looking forward to the 're-incarnation' (even more so if the Wagyu disappears!).

                  1. re: estufarian

                    Tried the Best of Eight Years tasting menu last Tuesday. It was excellent and worth every penny.

                    1. re: Bibingka

                      Can't wait, just booked for June 20th!! I like that the menu isn't over the top.

                      1. re: millygirl

                        I'll see you and Mr. Millygirl on the 20th as well!

                        1. re: Cam D

                          CamD, you may see me there also. I'm waiting to hear if Mrs fD wants to eat there that night. I told her it's all downhill for the rest of the year as the days get shorter.

                  2. re: markdsgraham

                    I went earlier this week, and the tasting menu was just fantastic. The flavour combinations, complexity and progression through the courses were amazing. Service was a little spotty for a restaurant of this caliber (forgotten water, a bit of confusion on the cocktail order) but still very good and nothing I could complain about at a lesser place. For your choices, you cannot miss the squab.. it was just one of those dishes that got better with each bite. We both had the wagyu which wasn't as good as the other dishes.. I'd recommend trying the halibut instead (although I didn't try it).

                    As for value.. well, it's really tough to say it's good value when you're paying $400+ all in for two, but if you have the means then it's something you probably won't find elsewhere once the changes take place.

                    To alleycat81 below, definitely get in touch with them.. they are very accommodating even this close to the end...

                    1. re: markdsgraham

                      Ended up trying this out soon after, with the family and gf, as a graduation gift. Not surprisingly, given the price, it was an excellent meal. We had the wine pairings and the gf had a vegetarian menu (for which they of course changed some of the pairings). I agree with most of the comments on the standout dishes. Was it "worth" it? Who knows, really? Probably it was.

                      Next, I have to get it together to try NB.