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Apr 15, 2009 01:20 PM

AYCE Fried Chicken At Pann's

Just saw banners hung outside of Pann's offering AYCE fried chicken and fries for $9.99, weekdays between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Alternatively you can get 12 pieces to go for $9.99.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for the info. Will check it out for a late lunch/early dinner.

      I always thought it was torture that Flossie's only gives you two pieces of fired chicken. I love fried chicken and when I eat it, I want alot of it. At Aunt Kizzy's Brunch Buffet, I always tried to eat at least 10 pieces of fried chicken.

      1. The 12 to go sounds like the real bargain. The regular plate of fried chicken pretty much matches my comfortable capacity as it is, but 12 for $9.99 easily beats most of the other chicken-joint prices, which tend to run around $1 per piece. And Pann's chickens are HUGE! My first plate of wings, I thought they'd given me legs instead, but then I saw the "safety pin" pieces.

        1. I don't get it. I think Pann's fried chicken is the best in the city, but even if not, it's very close. Toss in those biscuits w/butter and honey and/or gravy, and you're in heaven. Now they offer an incredible $9.99 AYCE chicken plus fries bargain (normally, a four-piece half-chicken w/soup, biscuit, starch, and vegetable is $11.95) to ease our economic doldrums, and just a few of us seem to be interested. But if the discussion starter had been, "Anybody ever had tacos (or pizza or burgers or ...) here in Los Angalus?" we'd be rehashing a million stale threads. Is fried chicken no longer the homey favorite it was when I grew up in Southern California, uh, some years ago?

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          1. re: Harry Nile

            Well, we've lost some chicken places, and seen reports of quality declining in others...and then there's the increasing number of fried-chicken joints starting to offer grilled as an alternative. I think it's safe to say that enough of us have become spooked about fried foods in general that yes, our passion for that "homey favorite" has in fact declined. Nutritionists may cheer at this, but this is not a forum for those people, is it? Viva Pann's!

            1. re: Will Owen

              While I enjoy fried chicken, it is not a food where having an infinite amount -- even theoretically -- actually appeals to me.

              Fried chicken has a steep declining marginal deliciousness curve.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I dislike merely good fried chicken, love the brilliant versions but, like you, am not going to have this homey favorite every night. The Standard ipsedixit MDCs (normalized for region of birth above whose raisin' one cannot get :-) for tacos, burritos, pizza pies, etc., also decline steeply but may not roar down the leeward slope of desire so loudly -- especially if, to take pizza as an example, you've found a place that uses super-authentic medium-moisture pepperoni formed in caul fat and containing only hock tenders (hind legs, natch) from Neapolitan pigs. You understand me when I say that, otherwise, it wouldn't be Italian.

                I also agree with Will Owen that many think they saw evidence somewhere that frying is worse for you than eating refined flours in burritos and pizza or the sugar in the accompanying drinks.

                But, then, I wasn't asking, Why don't people drop everything and go to Pann's for fried chicken five times a week? I merely wondered why a few more of us didn't say (as they would for many other foods), That's a great bargain on a delicious dish from an LA treasure -- we'll be sure to stop by soon, and don't forget the biscuits and short ribs! I'll think on that and other mysteries this evening over a late supper of whatever at beloved Pann's.

          2. That is a great bargain! And I've never had Panns before. I love love love fried chicken, but I have a nasty habit of eating the skin off four or five pieces, and not eating much of the chicken. I will definitely check this out. It's only weekdays? Bummer-I have to pick someone up from LAX on Sunday.