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Apr 15, 2009 12:54 PM

Vents du Sud

Hi Chowhounders,
What can you all tell me about this Basque place on Roy? I'm looking to try a new (to us) place in the Plateau. We love P'tit Plateau and have enjoyed some other bistros in the neighborhood, but we'd like to try something a little different. I can't find much about Vents du Sud. Any good?

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  1. Zoeg, I used to go very regularly to Vents du Sud, good solid food, good prices. But we were very disappointed by a recent visit with a group of 6 of us, all of us had eaten there before and been very pleased.

    This last visit, we found the food good, but not great. I did not feel the food quality matched the price. Nothing was really outstanding. We also had some mild service issues. To a person, we felt the quality had decreased. I'm not sure that we will be going back soon.

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      FYI: Vent du Sud which was a beloved neighbourhood restaurant changed owners last summer.
      Although I haven't been back myself I've heard that the new owners have kept the same look, concept and menu. This change of ownership may account for the change in quality/service. BUT they might be worth another chance! They might just need some time to settle in, right? ; )

      If you like an alternative to try some Basque themed food, I'd suggest Pintxo just down the street westward on Roy.

      1. re: immaterialgirl

        Immaterialgirl, I would be willing to give them another chance. I have very fond memories of previous meals at Vent du Sud. It was one of those little neighbourhood gems that I love to find in Montreal. But the drop in quality was quite significant.

        Let us know if you go back, and let us know what you think!

        1. re: moh

          We went to Vent du Sud on Friday night and all 3 of us were underwhelmed. It wasn't like anything was terrible, just not great. Maybe I'll try Pintxo next time...thanks.

          1. re: Zoeg

            After driving around for nearly 45 minutes, we settled on Vent du Sud for Christmas night dinner. (We drove by several places listed on the restomontreal webpage as open Dec 25 that were not, in fact, open on Dec 25th. But that's another posting....We called but no answer and thought: but they SAID they'd be open...) Anyway, we had already read this thread before leaving the hotel, but we thought: it's Vent du Sud or take some shishtouk back to the hotel...Should have done the take-home. There was a only a $55 prix fixe, the total with taxes was nearly $150 for two (and remember, we had to pay for our own wine, too). Nothing worth going back another time for at 1/2 the price... A tiny, tiny piece of fois gras, very cold. A quick grilling or even a torch would have helped a lot. The goose was so tough it couldn't be cut with a steak knife. The wapiti was tasty, but, as someone said above, not worth the price - a small cut, cooked nicely, but with a thin sauce, nothing special.
            What a shame. We hate wasting even one meal when we are here visiting...and that much money should have bought something pleasantly memorable...

            Restaurant Vent Du Sud
            323 Roy Re, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA