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Apr 15, 2009 12:42 PM

Ceviche in Bmore?

I recently moved back to bmore (from DC) and have been craving ceviche. There were so many places in DC to find it but I'm having a difficult time finding anything up this way. Any suggestions? (I saw the post about the place in Fells but was hoping for something a little closer to Charles Village.)

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  1. Only places I know of are in Fells. Not sure which one the post you are referring to is referring to.

    Rinconcito Peruano has a good one. Its very chunky and prepared to order.

    La Cazuela has several on the menu, but ive never tried any of them. The food i have had there has been quite good though.

    1. You MUST try the ceviche at Blue Sea Grill. It's very fresh and served beautifully. One of the best! FoiGras