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Apr 15, 2009 12:33 PM

Best Cookies in Chicago Area


I am looking to send a gift to a friend in the Chicago area. I would like to have a local cookie delivery around Evanston. A place that also delivers fresh, cold milk is also a plus.

Anyone have a favorite cookie that could share their secrets!


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  1. My favorite cookies are in Evanston! Al's Deli is a hole-in-the-wall European-style sandwich shop on Noyes Street. They have chocolate chip cookies that... well, think of the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe, and picture the very best homemade cookies made from that recipe that you have ever had in your life. That's what Al's sells. They also have several other types of cookies - iced butter cookies, spice cookies, iced chocolate cookies, etc - and those are all very good too. But the chocolate chips are the ones I would die for. Note also that for walk-in customers, they limit purchases to four cookies of each type per day - a testament to their popularity. I assume they can provide more if you're ordering in advance. I am not aware of any delivery arrangements they may have, but I would imagine you could arrange for a taxi to make a delivery for you.

    Evanston has some other, more conventional bakery options that are more likely to already have delivery arrangements (although you'd have to ask about milk):

    Bennison's is a conventional bakery on Davis Street. They have lots of sugar cookies, sprinkle cookies, etc.

    Tag's is a conventional bakery on Central Street. They have lots of small cookies available, but they are best known for their florentines, which are pictured on their website at

    Foodstuffs is an upscale gourmet grocery/deli on Central Street. They have one or two kinds of cookies each day, typically chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. Good, but not as good as Al's.

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      A bit more tips/info about the cookies at Al's Deli. The chocolate chip cookies (and oatmeal raisin) they keep in the window. If you arrive at 11 when they open, they are sometimes still warm, out of the oven. Their iced cookies - iced butter, iced brownie (that's what they call the iced chocolate cookies), iced pumpkin, etc - are usually kept in a refrigerator case behind the counter, and I assume those kinds need refrigeration. And Al's Deli is closed on Wednesdays.

      Oh look, it's almost 11:00 a.m. Gotta run... ;)

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        Today's selection at Al's Deli consists of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, iced butter, and iced spice. They had iced brownie but I bought the last two of those. I noticed that they sell 8-oz containers of milk (skim or 2 percent). They confirmed that the iced cookies need refrigeration. I asked and they said they don't have any arrangements for delivery.

        Another place in Evanston that makes/sells cookies is Simple Gourmet. Simple Gourmet is a gourmet shop near downtown Evanston that specializes in prepared foods. Many of their soups, salads, sandwiches, and other prepared savory foods are superb. Their cookies are okay, not bad but not their strongest point. And I'm sure they offer delivery.

    2. If you have an aversion to chains, then skip this post.

      Oddly enough, Potbelly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sensational imo.

      I once bought a 20 lb tub of their dough on the sly from one of their mgrs. Worth every penny. They sell the bags of the mini ones, but the single larger ones are superior and fresher. These are for chewy, buttery, cookie lovers only.

        They are local to Chicago, despite being available in many Whole Foods.

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          Carol's are excellent. I can see I need to get to Al's

        2. try out damn good cookies from chocolate gourmet!! they are from chicago (though i think they ship nationally). unique names and super tasty. check it out.

          1. Carol's Cookies are some darn fantastic cookies! You can swoop them up at your local Whole Foods! For a limited time, you can get two for the price of one! Here's the coupon!