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Apr 15, 2009 12:19 PM

112 sans reservation (Minneapolis)

Hey everyone - My boyfriend and I would like to go to 112 for dinner on Saturday. Of course, the idea arose on Tuesday... a bit late to get a Saturday reservation at 112. We don't treat ourselves to nice meals out too often & I have been craving 112 for a couple of months now... basically, I have my heart set on that being our dining destination this weekend!

And so, I'm looking for any tips & words of experience you may have to share. I've only dined at 112 with a reservation, but have heard that seating in the front and/or at the bar can come to you without a reservation. How successful have others been with this approach? Any tips on when to come? I would rather dine late than early, but 10pm for dinner could be tough.

I'm also going to try to snag a cancellation. Anyone had any success on this front? Any tips on when to call?


And, if 112 just isn't going to happen, any other recommendations for a *new* place to try? Think fun foodie celebration. We've been to Lucia's, Cafe Maude and Red Stag recently. Never been to Heidi's, but they don't seem to have any openings on Saturday either. Boo!

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  1. and this would be in what city?

    1. Alan--it's 112 Eatery in MSP.

      SarahN--wish I had some advice, but it seems like you already know the drill--go late and try to sit in the bar/in the front. Good luck!

      1. Go right when they open at 5. I've only eaten at the bar and have gone very early, but have not had a problem. Don't know about Saturdays though.

        Another thought - go to the lounge at La Belle Vie. You can choose from either the bar menu or the full menu there and you'll have a great meal.

        1. The wife and I made a 10p reservation. If even that is booked, that could be a sign that bar seats are hard to come by. If it isn't, go ahead and book, and then pop in early.

          That, or arrive 15 minutes before opening.

          1. As others said, you can go in early and hope.

            If there's nothing available, why not go across the street to Saffron? I guarantee you'll have a memorable meal there.

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              I second the recommendation for Saffron. I guarantee you can still get a reservation for Saturday, and you'll have a great meal.