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caiprinhas in Toronto?

anyone know where to get a great caiprinha in Toronto?

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  1. Hands down, the best caipirinha (sp?) that I have been able to find in Toronto is at Lula Lounge. They are delish and addictive, and the atmosphere and vibe are relaxed and fun to boot!

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      I had one two summers ago at Bymark. It was very potent, or I am a very cheap drunk.

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        I find many of the cocktails, mixed drinks, etc. I've tried at Bymark to be excellent.

      1. re: pinkprimp

        I agree on Bymark...best I've ever had!!!!

      2. Nyood makes a pretty fine version.

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        1. i would try Barchef. They have the best drinks in the city.

          1. thanks!! all great suggestions.....!

            1. Red Violin on Danforth isn't bad either.

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                I second the Red Violin! Lots of limes which I love!

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                  When I went to Red Violin, I was told by the waiter that their caiprinhas are made with vodka and not cachaxa (it does make a difference - it's like substituting vodka for rum). When I asked to have it made with cachaca, they agreed but failed to tell me of the $4.00 upcharge. That and the fact that the food there is awful...

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                      The caipirinha I had at Caju was delicious and the chef/owner is Brazilian afterall...


                  1. At Caju they make them correctly with Cachaca, not rum/vodka that most places use.

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                      It's true, no substitutions. Once when I was there and ordered a caipirinha, they were out of cacha├ža and thus, weren't making them that night. Thankfully that never happened again!

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                        Rio 40 North on St.Clair has them as well as standard Brazilian dishes like (sic.) Feijuada, (sic. again) picana etc.