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Apr 15, 2009 11:18 AM

Boston summer eating

A foodie friend and I are going to be in Boston in July for three nights and want to hit three different but great restaurants (by great, we want good quality for the price. Quality of the food is our most important criteria but also want to enjoy the experience). We are fans of Italian (particularly southern), southwestern, French and fusion. I'm from the San Fran area and she's from Chicago so we can get really great restaurants in our home towns as well, but we want the best Boston has to offer. We also really enjoy wine and cocktails. We've done a bunch of research and are having a horrible time narrowing things down. We didn't find anything southwestern. So far, this is our tentative list from which we've got to narrow things down:

Blue Ginger
Petit Robert Bistro
Bin 26 Enoteca
Hungry Mother

We've discarded Craigie street Bistro because it seems to get such wildly divergent reviews.

Would love to have some feedback about our list and/or additions to consider.

thanks in advance!

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  1. It's about an hour drive up North, but Chauncey Creek is fun for Lobsters by the water - very fresh, bring your own alcohol, salads, etc.. they have lobsters, clam chowder, and some other basic seafood. I'm originally from the bay area, too, and this is more of the "east coast" experience.. pretty different from clam chowder in a bread bowl at fisherman's wharf. There are also some other places in Maine worth checking out like When Pigs Fly bakery (chocolate bread, other interesting/random breads..). There's also a big candy store (Yummy's or something) and an outlet, but nothing compared to Gilroy...

    Also for cocktails, check out Drink - the new place by Barbara Lynch in the fort Point channel area.. or Eastern Standard (maybe you can catch a game at Fenway after!)

    1. By the way, of the places you listed above, Blue Ginger (Wellsley is about a 30 min drive) is not bad for fusion, but you can find something similar in California (Chaya, Roy's, etc). Salts and Hungry Mother are more unique and intimate. Bin26 is a fun wine bar with a huge selection, but you're probably close enough to Napa... Petit Robert is OK for French bistro food.. I'd go just for the French bread trucked in from Montreal.

      1. Blue Ginger is a good choice- you will need to have a car or take the commuter rail from South Station.Worth it (but I am sure that the Blue Ginger haters will chime in). If you can get there for lunch the menu is similar but less expensive. I love Figs but certainly not a destination. Salts is unique (and expensive). Petit Robert is good but again, not really destination. For a more unique french experience Le Voile in Copley is a good choice- search the board for comments. Troquet in the theatre district is also excellent. with a nice view of the park. For excellent Italian in a beautiful restaurant Sorellina is great. Prezza in the North end is also excellent. Search the board for "North End/Italian" and you will find loads of recommendations for Italian . Craigie Street Bistro is now called Craigie on Main. It gets excellent reviews- not sure why you think not- I haven't been so can't comment.
        With all due respect to the other responder, if you wanted to take the trouble to go to Maine, Chauncy Creek would not be my choice. The lobster is fine, but anyone can boil a lobster. Plenty of places in Boston to get lobster.

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          WRT Chauncy Creek. Not to mention that you could get lobster rolls from Hook and Company (they can do cooked lobsters, but you'll need more utensils) or some picnic fixings from the Sel de la Terre boulangerie to take on a nice summer outing to the harbor islands... then pick something from the North End for dinner all without sitting in traffic. Dining in Boston is pretty informal so you can literally go from the boat to a restaurant if you feel like it. And there are some clam shack style options which are T-able (Tony's and the Clam Box in Wollaston which require T + bus, or Kelly's on Revere Beach (blue line to Wonderland + 10 minute walk), although that didn't sound like what the original poster was looking for.

          mid-range: Scampo, Craigie (cocktails, tasting
          )high-end: Clio (tasting), O-Ya

          1. 1. Neptune Oyster

            2. Sportello (with cocktails at Drink before/after an absolute must - and look for Josie, who relocated from a top bar in SF - she's among the best mixologists you'll find anywhere)

            3. Silvertone (really casual, however) or Salts or Craigie St. Bistro (haven't been to new space but it seems generally very well-reviewed) or Scampo (fun and great space, solid food) or Eastern Standard (great scene, great cocktails, less amazing but still good food)

            Finally, please don't go to Figs...and have fun!