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Saturday Brunch/Lunch in Hollywood Area?

I was hoping to have lunch with a group of 5 at Pizzeria Mozza, but after spending 20 minutes on hold on their reservation line, I found that their first available reservation was at 11:30 - PM!

Anybody have any recommendations for a casual but delicious lunch place on Saturday?

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  1. Square One, on Fountain two doors west of Berendo. Pleasant patio if it's a nice day, very friendly service and lovely food. The house-cured salmon Benedict is my personal addiction, but it's all good. Their mint tea and their lemonade are delightful, too. Not dirt cheap - $20-25 apiece, usually - but we think always worth it.

    1. Is West Hollywood too far? Comme Ca?

      1. I haven't been to Comme Ca - do you recommend their brunch? The menu seems fairly pedestrian, but if it's well-executed it would be good.

        I just remembered Ammo, which is right down the street from our post-brunch destination. Has anybody been?

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          I've been to AMMO for dinner, but that was about a year and a half ago, and I heard they've changed management since then. Regardless, it was great when I went at the time, and the group of friends I went with really enjoyed it as well.

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            It definitely is a very basic menu, but the croque madame has been perfectly exectued every time I've gone. I also really enjoy the pain perdue. It runs more to the custardy side of french toast, if you're into that.

          2. I love the Hungry Cat for weekend lunch. It's not cheap, but neither is Pizzeria Mozza. Their drinks are amazingly good and though the menu is small, all the choices are solid. Great bloodys and never been too crowded or loud. Enjoy wherever you end up!

            1. Second Square One.

              Or Cafe Verona on La Brea.

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                Second Cafe Verona, where I've had many good meals. (It's at 2nd and LaBrea.) They're small, however, and do tend to get very busy on weekend afternoons.

              2. I don't know if it would be too far for you, but Toast on 3rd Street has a great menu, and even though it might be a bit crowded, it's a lovely place, especially if the weather permits!

                1. It has gotten mediocre reviews from Chowhounders, but I thoroughly enjoyed a recent brunch at Tart, in the Farmer's Daughter motel, across from Farmers Market. There is patio seating, away from the street, the menu is broad, the breakfast items we had were fine, it is not too loud to hear your dining companions, and they have a full bar for those key brunch mimosas and bloody marys. I think they discount for KCRW cards.

                  1. second/third/fourth the recs for hungry cat and square one. i've lived in hollywood for 6 years and these are the only places i come back to over and over.

                    hungry cat is a little more upscale with cocktails and beer and square one is definitely more homey, but both have excellent food and fresh farmer's market ingredients.

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                      I love sitting out on the Square One terrace on a nice day, with neighborhood people wandering in through the side gate, some with their dogs. It's a big part of the charm that they leave the gate unlocked, trusting their customers not to go skipping out on their tabs. I can forego my bloody mary for a scene like that.