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Apr 15, 2009 11:06 AM

Appetizer with "Wow Factor" to bring to a Friend's House

I'm going to my friend's house next weekend and I'm bringing the appetizer. I would not only like to bring a food that everyone will swoon over, but one that really wows them too. Any ideas or at the very you have a fav appetizer that you serve?

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  1. I have a few that *wow* at least some of us...but can you give us some specifics on the rest of the meal, as it will help with suggestions and recipe garnering. Cay

    1. I have asked them what they are preparing, but they aren't sure yet. ANY ideas you can give me, I'd REALLY appreciate :) Thanks!

      1. Dates with goat cheese stuffed in 'em and wrapped in prosciutto. Or maybe smoked salmon and goat cheese bruschettas. I'm on a big goat cheese thing lately.

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        1. re: KayceeK

          Suzanne Goin or Lucques also has a variation of the dates where it's stuffed with parmesan cheese and wrapped with bacon. And Penelope Casas has one stuffed with chorizo and wrapped with bacon. The goat cheese and proscuitto sound yuumy as well.

          1. re: KayceeK

            Another option for stuffed dates is with marscapone cheese mixed with lemon zest and topped with a good chunky sea salt. If you have access to an oven, roast the dates a little (10 minutes at 375) before piping in the cheese and lemon zest.

            1. re: KayceeK

              i love all these stuffed dates ideas!

            2. A few recent favorites during the holidays:

              Homemade vegetable egg rolls, thin like cigars with a spicy sweet-sour dipping sauce
              Individual cheese dip with crusty bread on a stick
              Bacon wrapped shrimp
              Caprese salad on a stick
              Bananas & nutella stuffed wonton wrappers or banana wontons with nutella dip
              Cheesecake pops
              Avocado & crab salad served in a mini taco shell
              Pesto grilled tomatoe slices serve on a cracker

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              1. re: HillJ

                "Bananas & nutella stuffed wonton wrappers or banana wontons with nutella dip"

                You are so evil. This sounds amazing!

                1. re: Catskillgirl

                  Catsk-they are evil good! So simple too.
                  One banana cut lengthwise & in half makes four wontons.
                  Either spread a thin layer of the nutella on the wrapper first or use it as a dip after.
                  I pan fry them ahead of time in peanut oil, drain well and store in the freezer until I'm ready to serve then I warm the batch in my toaster oven prior to serving. I don't make them too far ahead of party plans because the banana will darken.

                  But they are (too) yummy!

                  FWIW, I've also wrapped fresh strawberries & nutella too. But, the berries have to be really sweet & ripe to stand out.

                  1. re: HillJ

                    Are you using wonton wrappers or egg roll wrappers? Because 1/4 of a banana sounds awfully large to fit into a standard wonton wrapper.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      MN, I've used both. 1/2 a banana sliced in 1/2 lengthwise fits but certainly you can trim smaller or keep larger depending on the size appetizer you'd like to make. It's flexible. Wonton makes a purse, egg roll makes a cigar.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Well, I definitely have to try that one one of these days. Thanks!

                        1. re: Miss Needle

                          My pleasure! I've been wanting to try apricots & nutella, maybe a mango chutney too...oh the possibilities! hehe.

                    2. re: HillJ

                      I wonder... if you replace the nutella with sweetened marscapone would the strawberries stand out better?

                      ETA: If you want to try mango chutney, I make this one quite a bit and they disappear every time (filling makes a nice sandwich IF there's any leftover) (scroll to the 2nd recipe)

                      1. re: maplesugar

                        oh so interesting maples! I would not have considered marscapone, must try it next time. Thanks for the link!

                      2. re: HillJ

                        I"m wondering how well they'd work if baked at 350 instead of fried... and if they would hold up any longer? how long do you find they last when fried?

                        have you ever drizzled lemon juice on the nanas to stop them from browning?

                        1. re: Emme

                          Emme, When baked they did not hold up well and are a completely diff experience. I fry the wrapped bananas up to 2 hours before serving. I use semi ripe bananas because the frying softens them. The bananas brown a bit during the cooking process anyway.

                          Having said that, if you want to try a baked version, I would wrap the bananas in phyllo instead.

                        2. re: HillJ

                          ooh...Sounds so good. Just give me a spoon and the jar of Nutella and I will be WOWWED!

                    3. This is so easy, but always gets gobbled up. I like it better with (toasted) walnuts.

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                      1. re: sunangelmb

                        Haha this is exactly what I was about to suggest!

                        1. re: Cebca

                          I do a stupid simple Brie cheese dish that never has any left overs...

                          Sweet Pecan and Brie

                          1 Cup of coarsely chopped pecans
                          1 tsp butter
                          ¼ C of brown Sugar - may need more want it like syurp!
                          ¼ C water

                          Toast the pecan over med high heat, about 4 to 5 minutes, tossing regularly, now add the butter, toss again to coat the pecan with the butter, sprinkle in the brown sugar add the water and let cook for about 4 to 5 minutes – sauce should be thick to coat the back of a spoon.

                          Place on top of warmed or room temperature brie

                          1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                            An alternative is to use a flavored honey as well. A Greek thyme honey would very well. I *think* my friends have just baked the brie, and then poured the honey over top in the last few minutes to get it runny and warm.

                              1. re: Funwithfood

                                I also use spicy spicy nuts on top, that is also really good