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Apr 15, 2009 10:58 AM

Pepsi Natural or Pepsi Throwback

Has anyone seen either of these products appear yet?

If so, please mention where you are and where you saw them...thanks!

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  1. Pepsi Natural... in the suburbs of Chicago at Target. 4 pk.

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    1. re: scout1

      I saw some 4-pks of pepsi natural about 2 weeks ago, in the Gristedes in Scarsdale, NY

    2. Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback both available in 12 pack cans at Kroger in Madison, AL (Huntsville area) as of April 17th.

      1. Pepsi Throwback (and Mountain Dew Throwback) is now in-stock in 12-pack cans in at least 1 Fry's grocery store here in Tempe, Arizona. They did not have them in the plastic bottles as mentioned on the Pepsi Throwback website. Thanks to VelvetEvolver who posted they were available at Kroger in his/her area -- Fry's is owned by Kroger which is what gave me the idea to look there. Interestingly, they did not have the Throwback sodas at a Fry's Marketplace location I was at last night. So it seems as though the Fry's grocery locations got it in, but the Marketplace locations did not. By the way, Pepsi Throwback tastes awesome! *Much* better than when sweetened with corn syrup. I'm buying as much of it as I can, so hopefully they'll make these products permanent. :)

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        1. re: descartes

          Oh, now I will have to look for this. We usually make a trip once in awhile towards downtown Phx for Mexican Coke at the Ranch market.

        2. I know someone who trucks for Pepsi and he brought in some Throwback Pepsi and Mt. Dew to a cigar bar I frequent this past week. I haven't gotten into a grocery store to check yet, but at least a truck has brought it into Tampa.

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          1. re: TampaAurora

            I'd love to know what you guys think of these products. Incidentally, I work for Pepsico.

            1. re: scout1

              I'm also very interested in the public reaction to Pepsi throwback. I don't work for Pepsi but I won quite a bit of stock in Pepsico and Yum brands, and despite the current economic conditions it is doing quite well.

              I think this might be the first chink in the amour of HFCS.

                1. re: scout1

                  Same thing I told my friend the Pepsi trucker, I don't really drink soda anymore but my husband drinks Mt Dew the way some drink coffee and we both enjoyed the Mt Dew Throwback more than the "original" flavor.

                  1. re: TampaAurora

                    I finally got to try a bottle today and my opion is mixed. It's certainly much better than Pepsi Ordinaire. but I found it a little light and insubstanital for my taste. (to take a quote from Spider Robinson "There ain't nothing wrong with it; just not enough right) Quite frankly I thing the problem in this case is with me, since my cola of choice for the last six months or so has been Virgil's (which is a very "heavy" cola) ANY of the big commecial colas taste a little thin to me. I did note that Pepsi Natch seems to have a slightly stronger cinnamon note in the cola taste than the ordinary pepsi.

                    1. re: jumpingmonk

                      I agree. I tried the natural pepsi last night and i loved it. I thought it had a stronger cinnamon flavor to it too.

                  2. re: scout1

                    I think it's good that Pepsi is using sugar instead of HFCS, albeit in a boutique product. I wish sugar were more common in sweetened drinks. HFCS is bad news. It may increase profits, but it is a major factor in serious disease.

                    That being said, I don't like Pepsi. Never did. Grew up in a Coke town then went to a Pepi university. I got very clever about finding Cokes.

                    My husband once brought me a Pepi with lunch. He tried to not tell me what it was, but one sip and I gave it back to him.

                    I was thirsty last week and went to a Taco Bell drive thru across the street for nothing but a quick Diet Coke (I know, I know -- same company). When the guy told me all they had was Pepsi I backed all the way out of the drive thru.

                    1. re: chicgail

                      Have you tried the Mexican Coca Cola yet?

                      I also understand that the pepsi with cane sugar (vs HFCS) is a differnt tasting drink...but for right now that is all hearsay since I can't seem to find it!

                      1. re: LJNew

                        Mexican Coke is dynamite. It tastes very different than US Coke, so I would expect the Pepsi to be the same.

                    2. re: scout1

                      Not as good as Red Bull cola, but it's (throwback) ok.

                  3. I tried Pepsi Natural at a David Chang/NBC organized food thing -- Pepsi was probably one of the sponsors. OK. I liked the fact that they didn't use HFCS. There is a difference in the mouthfeel, and Pepsi Natural finishes off better and doesn't leave a film in your mouth. But I think I liked the flavor of regular less natural Pepsi. Only took a couple of sips.

                    The very next day I had Mexican Coke at a Mexican restaurant which was really tasty and good. I finished the entire bottle.