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Apr 15, 2009 10:41 AM

Naples, Florida- Looking for great seafood!

I am surprising my husband with a long weekend trip to Naples next weekend and have been doing some research trying to find the best seafood spots. It sounds like Trulucks is a definite, although I've been there before in Texas. Other spots? Is USS Nemo our next best bet? My only hesitation is the menu looks like the fish dishes have quite a bit going on, and my husband may prefer something more simply prepared and not overwhelmed. But it's still a contender based on reviews I have seen. We have a Roy's down the street from where we live, so would like something local. I also saw Sea Salt? I plan to do a lunch at Grouper & Chips. I am also open if there is a great sushi spot? Suggestions?? My first priority would be a place with great fresh seafood, but would be nice it had a good atmosphere too (another concern about USS Nemo). Can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. Baleen, in La Playa Hotel, has a gorgeous setting on the beach. It's quite expensive but we had a great meal. Other hounds have given mixed reviews. You can check out the menu on their website.

    Another restaurant with a beautiful setting is Bay House, in North Naples. Again, We've had nothing but good food while other reviews may not have been as positive. If you search for the link to Bay House you'll see the reviews.

    Great choice of Grouper & Chips. I like Trulucks. Sea Salt is a nice setting but is pretty new and still feeling their way. Across the street is Campiello, which is Italian but serves some excellent seafood. I recommend it.

    1. You seem to have definitely done your research -- Truluck's and Nemo are the seafood heavyweights, and Grouper & Chips a great lunch spot. And now RevrendAndy has chimed in with a couple more possibilities -- he clued me into Wyld's Cafe, my favorite dinner the last couple of trips, located in a stripmall in Bonita and while my mom loved her fish, not a seafood specialist.

      Look, it is probably not what you are looking for and it is a chain, run by the same Roy's folks who also operate Outback. But Bonefish Grill is really great at what they do -- fresh seafood simply grilled and served with friendly service in a fun environment at amazingly reasonable prices. The crowds speak for themselves -- make a reservation or wait over an hour in season or at prime time. I have had really fresh salmon excellently grilled (charred but still medium-rare in the middle) twice, their bang-bang spicy fried shrimp has a kick, and their corn chowder with crab is rich and tasty, not yuckily thickened. Prices are midteens for most entrees with sides. Gosh, I wish we had them where I live.

      1. Try Real Seafood Company on Vanderbuilt Beach Rd.
        They have both plain and busy seafood.

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          Great! Thanks for all the recommendations! Any opinions on USS Nemo itself? Is it a must try? or will some of these other choices offer just as fresh seafood with a better atmosphere?

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            Can't give you a specific on USS Nemo as far as would they tone down the ingredients, but the food was very tasty and you wouldn't be disappointed. One thing that may or may not make a difference to you is that they can only serve beer and wine as they don't have a liquor license, so no cocktails. Same goes for Wyld's which has also been recommended.

        2. I don't think that any place can beat La Playa for romance. I have had several dinners there and only one was a little off. Outdoor terrace facing the beach and sunset is lovely. The bar is lively and fun and the monkey motif is whimsical. I've had Florida lobster, excellent florida snapper, and a black grouper as well. I appreciate the 1/2 portions they offer as well. More restaurants would do well to offer this.

          I love Trulucks and to walk Fifth Avenue after dinner is fun and often magical, but or romance, you can not beat Baleen.

          1. Did I miss it, No one mentioned Randy's Seafood - excellent fresh fish but nothing fancy or fine dining ambiance just plain ole awesome fish/seafood:

            When I'm in Naples, it's Randy's and Wylds Cafe in Bonita for my dining (although as mentioned Wylds is not a seafood destination but seafood is on the menu). It's my fav: