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Apr 15, 2009 10:25 AM

Tomatoes in Salem, OR

Who knows what varieties of tomatoes will do best around Salem, OR? I want to try growing the tiny little carrant tomatoes but I am not sure if that variety does well in the area.

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  1. Territorial is a respected seed operation based in Oregon , at least I (a NYC based gardener have had good luck with their products.- they seem to offer currant tomatoes, both plants and seeds which may be a good sign..

    1. You're a bit further north than me (in San Francisco), but you'll have the same concerns, mainly cool weather and a longer time for the plants to produce fruit. I find cherry tomatoes do very well and consistently produce their first fruit faster than larger varieties, so maybe currants will do the same. But it's rather late to be starting seeds. You may be limited to what you can find as transplants.

      1. Take a look at this recent thread hosted by an Oregon nurserywoman:

        I'm betting she'd give you some advice. Salem is much hotter than SF in the summer; can't imagine that you'd have the problems that they have there (Used to live in SF and the tomatoes that flourished didn't have the flavor I was seeking). Do you have a weekly Farmers Market. I never grow tomatoes from seed. It much more efficient to buy one each of a few different types unless you're planning on feeding the whole community. Happy gardening.