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Apr 15, 2009 10:21 AM

MSP-Porcini Mushrooms

Does anybody know where to find them in the Twin Cities?

Never had them, so wondering if they are that much different than other kinds...?

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  1. The fresh porcini are kinda similar to portobellos (only smaller). But I haven't had any for quite a while, so I'm drawing a blank on how to describe them. Note that they're sometimes labelled "c├Ępes" when they're fresh.

    Dried porcini are wonderful - very rich and intense when reconstituted. They're my second favorite dried mushoom. (My top favorite is dried chanterelles, but I can't afford those very often.)

    I don't think it's mushroom season right now, or I would send you to the Wedge Co-op. However, you can get dried porcini mushrooms at most upscale groceries (such as Byerly's, Surdyk's, the Wedge, and many more). I wouldn't be surprised if Whole Foods and Trader Joe's had them, too, from time to time.


    1. I have never found fresh porici mushrooms in MPLS, but dried ones are easy to find.

      I appreciate a worthwhile difference between fresh porcini and fresh portabello mushrooms - at least, the few times I was lucky enough to have them.

      I've bought fresh porcini this time of the year, albeit in NYC. I am pretty sure they were imported, given the price.

      If anyone ever sees fresh porcini in MPLS, please alert me!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Years ago I got frozen porcini from Buon Giorno - don't know if they still carry them.
          Fresh they are amazing - rich, meaty, definitely worth eating.

          Memories of a wild mushroom pizza in the south of spain with a huge fresh porcini on top covering almost the whole diameter of the pizza - MMM.